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This section has not been updated for expansion stats/gear and assumes max Hitpoints Level 99. Going above 99 HP reduces DR requirements allowing for more flexibility with substituting gear to optimize damage. Players are encouraged to test their current stats/gear with the Combat Simulator for optimal builds.

Chapter IX: T90 Grind

It is now highly recommended to have completed your Ultima Godsword (UGS) before beginning this section. Farming Rokken with UGS will save you ~4 days of grinding. UGS also completely overshadows Tidal Edge which can now be skipped, completionists can return later to farm Umbora with expansion gear.

Recommended stats

The most important skills are 99 and 99, as HP is needed to meet the DR thresholds and the slayer cape perk is very beneficial. Bare minimum stats are 80 to equip Darksteel Dagger, around 80, 85 for Ragnar/Terran God Armour, 66 for Chivalry, 90 and 90 for God Armours, Shockwave and Ocean Song. It is also assumed that Finn, the Cat and Leonardo are owned. The reason why the offensive requirements are relatively low is that farming T90s takes a very long time on a CO account (about 3 weeks of continuous play all up), so a lot of experience will be gained during this section anyway. For example, by the time the first T90, Shockwave, is completed the player will have earned about 4m prayer and 9.5m melee exp. Therefore it is not essential to have maxed offensive stats, as those can be effectively trained along the way. 99 slayer however is very important for the cape perk. It is still possible to do without the cape, but a lot of food will be wasted in compensation and a lot fewer kills/hr on Rokken if the player's attack speed is 2.2 or above. A Hunter's Ring is highly recommended in this case for full area effect negation.

You must complete Into the Mist to make use of the passive slot for this section. The food and dps loss from not having this slot is simply not worth it. You will complete 40 master slayer tasks while farming T90s and Dark Waters enemies are easier than Perilous Peaks enemies once the DR threshold from gear has been met. Perilous Peaks enemies are designed to consume a large amount of food (which is precious on a CO account) and so tackling them with T90 gear is optimal.

The recommended order for farming T90s is: Rokken (ranged) → Ku-tul (magic) → Umbora (melee). Both Rokken and Ku-tul can be completed at roughly the same kills/hr without any T90 items, but Darksteel Dagger + Elder Crown combo will result in about 2.5x less food usage on Rokken, as well as Shockwave having more immediate value than Ocean Song which requires a lot of farming to make use of. Umbora is by far the most difficult monster due to the scarce nature of runes, so tackling this monster with doubling and % damage from Slayer Gear Upgrade Kit (Master) will have the most benefit out of all three mobs. Umbora first is highly discouraged as runes are very difficult to obtain on a CO account, making it vital to use Ocean Song to maximise rune efficiency. A comparison of alternative Umbora methods is presented below in the dedicated section and it should be clear that Ocean Song is by far the best option.


You will be manually selecting tasks to avoid unfavourable tasks while farming T90s. There are many reasons to be on a slayer task:

  • You always profit slayer coins even when factoring in reroll costs
  • You can passively work towards 40 master slayer tasks
  • Slayer cape damage bonus to help with farming

When starting out it is recommended to remove your slayer cape, toggle auto slayer ON and manually roll tasks. This will remove Perilous Peaks enemies from the potential pool of slayer monsters, leaving only a 1/2 chance of obtaining the correct slayer task.


You will always profit slayer coins as each Dark Waters task gives about 250k coins on average (382.5k if extending the task) and costs about 65k on average (77.5k if extending) to manually select. This leads to an average profit of 185k/task or 305k/task if extending. These numbers equate to extended tasks being about 10% more efficient coins/kill. The player has the choice of earning more slayer coins by extending slayer tasks, or obtaining master slayer gear faster by leaving tasks unextended. On average, one will complete 20 tasks per T90 item or 12.5 if extending. Since it is highly recommended to have Slayer Wizard Robes (Master) and Slayer Wizard Hat (Master) before Umbora to save on runes, it is recommended to not extend tasks. Alternatively, one can make up the extra tasks at Perilous Peaks while farming out Peri or any of the three unqiues. Even with this in mind, it is always better to be running a task than not. Try to manage extensions so that a task will end shortly before the player expects to away from the game (such as overnight), as this will ensure that a fresh (possibly extended) task can be undertaken for the duration of the inattentive period. Expected kills/hr are listed in each section and this can be used as a guide to figure out when a task will be completed.

The information below is heavily outdated with post 99 combat stats and the updated Ultima Godsword. UGS will completely obliterate Hunting Greater Dragon (~200 kills/hour) and Chaotic Greater Dragon (~175 kills/hour) using ~1k crabs per hour with battleborn/valor prayers. With UGS, both dragons can easily be added to your Master Slayer farm.

Once Shockwave is obtained the Slayer Skillcape can be left on as farming Perilous Peaks is perfectly manageable with access to a T90 weapon. Around 40k Crab should be earned by the time Shockwave is obtained, so this food can now be spent on these monsters.

Wicked Greater Dragon are very straightforward as Shockwave destroys them. The setup is the same as the Ku-tul setup below, but the Slayer Cowl (Elite) is swapped for a Aeris God Helmet and Protect from Magic is replaced with Battleheart, as the majority of damage comes from dragon breath.

Hunting Greater Dragon can also be killed with Shockwave (around 105 kills/hr) or with Infernal Claw (for around 95 kills/hr) with a typical melee build. Darksteel Dagger is around 80 kills/hr so it is viable but a bit slower than the others. It is not necessary to wait for Tidal Edge, as that only marginally increases the kills/hr to 115 while being substantially more difficult to obtain. Melee methods save more food, with Tidal Edge being the least food usage, Darksteel Dagger second, Infernal Claw in third and Shockwave consuming the most food. These results are summarized in the following table:

Item Kills/hr Crab/hr Crab/kill
Darksteel Dagger 81.5 1175 14.5
Tidal Edge 115 1425 12.5
Infernal Claw 95 1700 18
Shockwave 105 2325 22

One can also choose to farm Chaotic Greater Dragon to obtain a Recoil Shield or to waste less coins on rerolls. These are a fair bit slower at 50 kills/hr with Darksteel Dagger and 57.5 kills/hr with Infernal Claw, so one may choose to only undertake such tasks if the quantity is low and 40 Master Slayer tasks are still needed. Due to combat triangle penalty, Shockwave is considerably more food usage, but it is faster kills/hr at around 80-90/hr. Melee is preferable for this task, as the time spent gathering runes is not worth the increased dps of magic, even with Ocean Song. This task is significantly faster with Tidal Edge (around 93 kills/hr) as the unavoidable special attack is very useful, so this task can be skipped until that point if preferred.

With a 3/6 to 4/6 chance of favourable tasks, very little should be wasted on rerolling tasks. Umbora tasks should be skipped until Ocean Song and Rokken tasks should be skipped unless they are very short (around 150 or less). There is only a 1/5 to 2/5 chance of receiving an unfavourable task after completing a slayer task (the automatic task assigned is free, saving 25k slayer coins), which further adds to the savings.

Once the player has received the Perilous Peaks uniques, Peri and completed 40 master slayer tasks, they can return to removing the cape + toggling auto slayer on to skip Perilous Peaks tasks.


Recommended gear (expansion/UGS)

This section has been updated to account for the expansion and assumes the player has acquired the Ultima Godsword. Farming Rokken with UGS is 3-4x faster than prior options and will save you over 4 days of grinding as compared to older builds listed further below.

Prior builds relied on avoiding Rokken's stun with enough attack speed. However, UGS is too slow, so we will need to eat the stun which results in a higher DR requirement. Wasteful Ring and Guardian Amulet will be required, the latter can be substituted with enough HP. The loadouts below are separate and based off a minimum HP threshold (assumes both DR pets have been acquired).

Take care when interpreting this table.

The loadout on the right (~101/kph) assumes the player has at least 1000 max HP ( 99) resulting in a DR requirement of 52% when coupled with Guardian Amulet & Wasteful Ring - There isn't any wiggle room here. Protect from Ranged will be used to greatly mitigate food cost (~382 crabs/hour) and, for this specific build, Valor outperforms even Battleborn by ~1.5/kph.

The left loadout (~116/kph) assumes the player has at least 1100 max HP ( 109) which lowers the DR requirement to 49% and let's us to ditch Guardian Amulet for Fighter Amulet resulting in faster kills and even lower food cost. With higher HP levels we can substitute up to 3 Terran pieces for Ragnar gear at 1130 -> 1180 -> 1210 HP (Chest -> Legs -> Boots). For this build, Battleborn is used over Valor and Protect from Ranged is still recommended for the lower food cost (~186 crabs/hour); however, if food is in surplus, you can use battleborn/valor to increase kph to ~132 at the cost of ~562 crabs/hour.

With the above builds, it will take anywhere between 32-48 hours for this grind. UGS is truly OP and this is the reason we rush ITM then immediately farm all the godswords before Shockwave.

Recommended gear (pre-expansion)

Take care when interpreting this table. Rokken requires a very specific setup as both the DR threshold and the full Slayer area effect negation thresholds must be met. The two loadouts shown will achieve both requirements (with the leftmost one being more kills/hr), but pieces are not interchangeable between each set. For example, a Ragnar God Platebody cannot be swapped for Slayer Platebody (Elite) in the first setup, nor can a Hunter's Ring be swapped for a Fighter Ring in the second setup. The only advantage of the second setup is that it does not require 99 or a God platebody, so it is easier to achieve.

Alternative gear options

Rokken requires 47% or more DR, so any 3 Terran pieces will achieve this. The Ragnar God Platebody has the best increase in stats over its respective Terran counterpart so this layout is chosen. Additionally, Fighter Ring + 2x Terran is better than Guardian Ring + 2x Ragnar, but you may want to use the latter or some intermediate combination if you do not have full Terran or Ragnar. The swap priority goes: boots < gloves < helmet < legs < ring < platebody < amulet. This means that if one needs 2% more DR over their Ragnar setup, the best choice would be to swap to Terran boots and gloves. Sandstorm Ring and Hunter's Ring respectively are the next best options for the ring slot. Consider using Hunter's Ring and two pieces of Elite Slayer gear if you do not have Slayer Skillcape for full 40% slayer area negation. DO NOT use a guardian amulet unless you have Otto, as this will put your attack speed low enough to where you risk being stunned and attacked (see below). Earth Layered Shield with full Ragnar is better DPS, but farming Earth God is very difficult and expensive on a CO so it is best saved until after Tidal Edge or Ocean Song. Earth Layered Shield requires 48% DR due to the HP lost by removing Dragonfire Shield.

Recommended prayers

Protect from Ranged + Chivalry.

Protect from Ranged is very important as this heavily mitigates the raw damage the enemy does and it also results in less frequent stuns. This makes the prayer higher dps than Piety or Battleheart as more time is spent doing damage. The food usage drops from 600 Crab/hr to less than 100 Crab/hr with Protect from Ranged alone, as Darksteel Dagger + Elder Crown combo will take care of the majority of damage incurred. Chivalry is better than Battleheart and Piety as it has the most accuracy, which will help keep the Darksteel Dagger bleed applied more often.


This method relies on having faster attack speed than Rokken (2.2 seconds/attack) to avoid the stun → basic attack combo. If stunned, the DR threshold is increased to 57%. This setup with full slayer effect negation, crown and dagger is 2.1 seconds/attack.

Efficiency notes

  • This setup is about 36 kills/hr with 95 crabs used and 18.5k prayer points used per hour, assuming max stats. This drops slightly below max.
  • Expect 35.5k slayer coins/hr in return, 18.5k prayer exp/hr, 75.5k melee and 57k slayer exp/hr.
  • The player can expect to complete 20 master slayer tasks (12.7 if extending) by the time they finish 100 shockwave pieces, netting 3.5m (3.9m if extended) slayer coins when factoring in manual selection (and extension) fees. If spent solely on standard resupplies, the player can expect to profit about 39k (45k) crabs and spend about 820k (620k) prayer points.
  • It will take on average about 140 hours which is almost 6 days of continuous farming.


Item Slot DR%
Shockwave Weapon 0%
Scaled Shield Off-hand 8%
Slayer Cowl (Elite) Head 4%
Aeris God Platebody Body 8%
Aeris God Platelegs Leggings 8%
Aeris God Boots Boots 8%
Aeris God Gloves Hands 8%
Slayer Skillcape Cape 0%
Fury of the Elemental Zodiacs Neck 3%
Sapphire Bolts Ammo 0%
Deadeye Ring Ring 0%
Elder Crown Passive 0%
Finn, the Cat Pet 0%
Leonardo Pet 1%
Total 48%

Gear alternatives

The DR requirement for Ku-tul is 48%.

Guardian Ring and Hunter's Ring are perfectly viable options if the player does not own Deadeye Ring.

Deadeye Amulet can be worn in the passive slot for 72 kills/hr (+6%) in exchange for more than doubling the food usage (300/hr).

Recommended prayers

Protect from Magic + Rigour. If the player has an abundance of food, they can opt for Battleheart over Protect from Magic. This will increase the dps by about 16% in exchange for 470% more food usage.

Efficiency notes

  • With access to the T90, this is the easiest monster of the three by far.
  • Expect to earn 220k ranged exp/hr, 130k prayer exp/hr, 110k slayer exp/hr.
  • Due to the increased kill speed, Ku-tul profits both food and prayer but loses bolts.
  • From the 3.5m (3.9m if extending) slayer coins after completing Ocean Song, standard resupply yields 42k (48k if extending) Crab, 425k net prayer points profit and -19k (-11k) Sapphire Bolts.
  • This mob takes about 74 hours, or about 3 days of continuous farming.


It is now recommended to skip Umbora as the Ultima Godsword completely overshadows Tidal Edge. However, do take note of the Rune Farming section.

Recommended gear

Item Slot DR%
Ocean Song Weapon 0%
Scaled Shield Off-hand 8%
Slayer Wizard Hat (Master) Head 6%
Slayer Wizard Robes (Master) Body 6%
Glacia God Platelegs Leggings 8%
Glacia God Boots Boots 8%
Glacia God Gloves Hands 8%
Skull Cape Cape 3%
Warlock Amulet Neck 0%
Hunter's Ring Ring 0%
Elder Crown Passive 0%
Finn, the Cat Pet 0%
Leonardo Pet 1%
Salem Pet 0%
Golden Golbin Pet 0%
Rosey Pet 0%
Jelly Jim Pet 0%
Aquarias Pet 0%
Total 48%

The DR requirement for Umbora is 47%. Note that because Umbora takes so long to farm compared to the other monsters, any small efficiency is highly beneficial. This is why Pets that offer loot doubling or rune saving are highly recommended.

Because the vast majority of the damage done is due to the special attack of Ocean Song, which is unaffected by damage increases and has 100% accuracy, we opt to sacrifice the Warlock Ring in favour of Hunter's Ring. The dps downgrade is minimal (less than 0.5% fewer kills/hr) but the additional slayer coins help pay for the prayer points used and can be put towards remaining master slayer purchases.

Additionally, this is one of the few situations (or perhaps the only one) where a Warlock Amulet is useful. For the same reason as above, Fury of the Elemental Zodiacs does not contribute very much to our DPS, but Warlock Amulet saves around 50 Crab/hr. Strictly speaking the Crab end up being worth more than the fraction of a kill in terms of time-to-obtain efficiency, but Fury of the Elemental Zodiacs is still fine to use if one prefers to complete the Umbora slightly faster in exchange for about 20% more food usage.

Recommended prayers

Protect from Melee + Battleheart

Augury does not increase dps by very much as the Ocean Song special cannot miss, while Protect from Melee cuts food usage by 80%.


This setup relies on using Water Strike and Fury II on Umbora for 63 kills/hr. This may seem decent, but when factoring in rune acquisition this is by far the most painful of the three. Water Strike is the most rune efficient spell, as the dps increase by upgrading to Water Bolt is only about 7.5%, yet requires 50% more runes that are harder to obtain. The reason for the small upgrade in DPS is due to Ocean Song special attack and the aurora both adding flat damage. The story is similar for Water Blast, but with even more exaggerated downsides. Chaos Rune and Death Rune are best saved for magic exp with a Mystic Air Staff on Raging Horned Elite. Umbora also does by far the most damage and consumes around 310 Crab/hr, but again resupplies come in clutch as they generate about 910 Crab/hr so it is still net profit.

Rune farming

Overall farming Umbora consumes roughly 1,000 Air Rune, 1,000 Mind Rune, 2,000 Light Rune per hour. Over the 3 days it takes to farm Umbora, expect to consume 67,500 Air Rune, 67,500 Mind Rune and 135,000 Light Rune. The latter is abundantly obtained from standard resupplies, but the two former must be obtained manually.

The following two setups are recommended for farming runes. The expansion buffed Big ol Ron to 100% combat doubling which now makes melee the superior build. Do note that exceeding 100% item doubling has no additional benefit, so Slayer gear is no longer needed except as a combat stat boost.

Item Slot
Big ol Ron Weapon
Ragnar God Helmet Head
Ragnar God Platebody Body
Ragnar God Platelegs Leggings
Sand Treaders Boots
Ragnar God Gloves Hands
Attack Skillcape Cape
Fury of the Elemental Zodiacs Neck
Fighter Ring Ring
Elder Crown Passive
Golden Golbin Pet
Rosey Pet
Aquarias Pet
Otto Pet
Item Slot
Ancient Throwing Knife Weapon
Slayer Cowl (Master) Head
Slayer Leather Body (Master) Body
Aeris God Platelegs Leggings
Sand Treaders Boots
Throwing Power Gloves Hands
Ranged Skillcape Cape
Deadeye Amulet Neck
Deadeye Ring Ring
Elder Crown Passive
Golden Golbin Pet
Rosey Pet
Aquarias Pet
Otto Pet
  • Opting for Ragnar (or Aeris) over Master Slayer is perfectly viable (A Ragnar setup nets about 740 Air Rune/hr instead of 800). However, over the 115 hours spent farming runes, the time saved (about 9-10 hours) is quite considerable. With Ragnar Godsword, full Ragnar, Hunter's Ring and Prayer Skillcape one earns around 65k slayer coins per hour doing elite slayer while spending only 6.5k prayer points. This means the 9-10 hours saved contributes around 500k slayer coins (minus points spent on resupplies to replenish prayer) towards the 2m total coin cost of the melee master slayer set. Master slayer is also required for the next stage of the game which is farming Unhallowed Wasteland, so this is the best time to obtain it.
  • Combined, the total grind will be about 70 hours farming Umbora, 85 hours for Air Rune and 30 hours for Mind Rune totalling 185 hours. This is on par with the previous two items combined, which is fitting as it is the most useful for a CO-account with limited resources.
  • The player will easily get from 90-99 magic while farming Umbora. Expect around 200k magic xp/hr, which ends up around 14m after Tidal Edge is obtained.


Cloudburst Staff using Water Strike clocks in only around 45 kills/hr at 2.5x the rune usage. All up it would require 100+295 = 395 hours (2.5 weeks). This also burns 500 Crab/hr while only producing 663 Crab/hr, barely profiting. Requires Guardian Ring for those insane enough to try in order to meet the DR requirement, as it is not as necessary to mitigate all of the area effect due to Cloudburst Staff not heavily scaling with attack speed.

This method obtains a whopping 12 kills/hr, while consuming a total of 380k death runes. Farming these would take around 250 hours of Necromancers, and then another 415 hours to use them up.

This is actually the next best option, as you are trading dps for no resource gathering time. This requires a Wasteful Ring and all up this clocks in around 19 kills/hr with Protect from Melee + Chivalry (750 Crab/hr) or 22 kills/hr with Piety + Chivalry instead (1,500 Crab/hr). All up this would cost about 180k/310k crabs and around 1.4m prayer points, as well as around 241/207 hours depending on whether one can spare to forego Protect from Melee.

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