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This guide is my overall entry point recommendations for Summoning synergies to support skilling (not doing combat here, yet). These recommendations will help to make Summoning less daunting and overall cover most aspects of the skill. There are one or two niche situations that the remainder of the synergies pertain to, but you can research those at your own pace when you feel more comfortable with the skill. The goal of this guide is to act as an entry point aimed at making the skill seem much less confusing and make it more approachable. Once you have your foot in the door, the skill will start to make more sense.

I have seen several people now say that they avoid Summoning completely, probably because it seems convoluted to them. This was especially evident with the recent April Fools mode with a wave of people asking how to max Summoning as their last skill. This is quite unfortunate, as Summoning is designed to be trained alongside most other skills in the game, and dedicating training of the skill is very slow. You get the vast majority of your experience from *using* the tablets, not from making them. In addition, all of the Summoning effects pay dividends on the time and resources invested into them. When starting out you will just barely break even (the yield from summoning roughly equals the investment), but as compounding effects from the mastery checkpoints, 95% pool and Summoning Skillcape come into play, you will start heavily profiting, as you have to spend less time and resources making tablets.

My recommendation for starting out is always Ent with Woodcutting until you unlock Octopus at level 15. Then fish with Octopus active until level 25, at which point you can start utilising the Octopus + Pig synergy. This is one of the best synergies and is unlocked at a very low level. You can do this to bolster your profit from Fishing. The extra cooked fish from the synergy can be directly recycled into making more tablets, and with some preservation and mastery levels you will soon start earning more from bonus fish than you spend on Summoning Shard (Green) and Summoning Shard (Silver).

The next recommendation is the Leprechaun + Monkey synergy while thieving the Fisherman. This is one of the best money making methods from Thieving, only outclassed by high level methods with the Knight and Princess, both of which require Thieving Skillcape and passive slot from Into the Mist and so they have much, much higher requirements.

As a general rule, you always want to be running summoning tablets for any skills that allow them. There are situations where there aren't really any useful synergies (e.g. Herblore) but even in this case you still want to be running the base tablet for the raw bonuses (non-synergy effects). Remember, tablets are consumed at a 2:1 ratio, where the skill's base tablet is consumed twice (once for the base effect and once for the synergy) while the secondary tablet is consumed once per synergy activation. You should get Summoning to 99 relatively early into your account progression, and it will soon become your second highest skill behind Farming as you will be utilising the synergies constantly.

Here are my general recommendations for the main synergies to focus on for each skill:


Summon Left Summon Right Notes


Summon Left Summon Right Notes
Summon Summon Doesn't work for special fish like Raw Magic Fish


Summon Left Summon Right Notes
Summon Summon
Summon Summon If cooking interval is quite short


Summon Left Summon Right Notes
Summon Summon For mining Rune Essence
Summon Summon For mining Silver Ore and Gold Ore
Summon Summon Everything else


Summon Left Summon Right Notes
Summon Summon For smelting Silver Bar or Gold Bar
Summon Summon For anything requiring Coal Ore
Summon Summon Everything else. Drop the crow if excess preservation (99 mastery)


Summon Left Summon Right Notes


Summon Left Summon Right Notes


Summon Left Summon Right Notes


Summon Left Summon Right Notes


There are several choices of recipe to use for each tablet. Overall, my recommendation for each tablet is

Tablet Secondary
Ent Magic Logs
Mole Mithril Ore / Adamantite Ore / Runite Ore / Dragonite Ore
Octopus Raw Whale / Raw Manta Ray / Raw Shark
Pig Whale / Manta Ray / Shark / Crab
Crow Steam Rune
Monkey Silver Ruby Necklace / Silver Sapphire Necklace
Salamander Gold Bar / Mithril Bar
Bear Barrentoe Herb
Devil Ruby / Sapphire

These recommendations are based on three considerations. First, the quantity needed is based on the GP sale value of an item, so higher valued items are prioritised to reduce the raw quantity needed. Secondly, whether the base item has other uses elsewhere in the game. Lastly, whether the item is easy or not to obtain.

  • For Ent, there is only really one choice, as all of the other logs sell for dirt cheap and hence have far too high of a quantity cost to make them worthwhile.
  • For Mole, you can choose whichever ore you have an abundance of from training Mining. I trained mining on Mithril Ore, so I had more than enough of this ore to sustain 99 Mole mastery.
  • The main use of the Octopus tablet will be for early game money making through catching Raw Whale, so this is likely to be the best choice, but some earlier options are available. Even options such as Raw Carp have a relatively low quantity requirement, but the player will likely not have the base income to support tablet making at this early stage.
  • Pig secondaries have two sources. Early on, the cooked fish produced from utilising the Octopus + Pig synergy alone will cover the cost. Later on, Standard Resupply and Generous Resupply can be used to easily fund this tablet.
  • For Crow we choose Steam Rune as this is the fastest rune to produce due to the Crow + Octopus synergy. This rune also gives the highest experience out of any Water Rune-based combination rune.
  • We use Ruby jewellery for Monkey as Emerald and Diamond have other uses. When the cost drops with mastery levels eventually you can swap to Silver Sapphire Necklace. We choose to use silver over gold as Gold Bar are more useful overall than Silver Bar when compared 1:1. The choice of necklace over ring is because necklaces have slightly higher sell value, so they have a few breakpoints (e.g. Gold Emerald Necklace vs Gold Emerald Ring between 10-19 Monkey mastery) where there are fewer necklaces required than the corresponding ring. Sticking to one specific one is also better to utilise Crafting mastery better when producing the jewellery.
  • For Salamander the Gold Bar is preferable to the Mithril Bar as it has fewer uses and a lower cost, but both are options if the player has an abundance of one bar over the others.
  • For Devil simply swap whenever the price of Sapphire floors out at 1.