A generic version of the template used in things like Template:ItemIcon or Template:UpgradeIcon.

You probably want to use one of the following instead for most things:

For example: {{ItemIcon|Raw Trout}} becomes Raw Trout.

Some icon categories/types do not have these shorthand templates, so instead the type parameter should be used: {{Icon|<IconName>|type=<IconType>}}. The types this applies to are as follows:

  • mark for Summoning marks
  • thieving for Thieving NPCs

Format is like so: {{Icon|Castle of Kings|Knight Time|type=combatArea}} becomes Knight Time.

You can also just do {{Icon|Combat}} Combat if you need an icon for an image that doesn't belong to a given category.

For Herblore potions, the generic potion page can be linked to by specifying the potion name without a tier, for example: {{Icon|Diamond Luck Potion}} becomes Diamond Luck Potion.

Some special overrides exist:

Input Output
{{Icon|Melee}} Melee
{{Icon|Item Alchemy}} Item Alchemy
{{Icon|Superheat}} Superheat
{{Icon|Basic Resupply}} Basic Resupply
{{Icon|Standard Resupply}} Standard Resupply
{{Icon|Generous Resupply}} Generous Resupply
{{Icon|Golbin|type=monster}} Golbin
{{Icon|Alt. Magic|type=skill}} Alt. Magic
{{Icon|Earth Golem (AoD)|type=monster}} Earth Golem

Other options: