User Info

Hello! I'm one of the admins on the Melvor Idle wiki. If you're interested in getting an account to help edit the wiki, go to the Discord and then DM Falterfire#7778 and I'll get you set up with an account.

If something is wrong with a Template or Module on a page and you can't figure out how to handle it, feel free to @ me on Discord and I'll see if I can sort things out. One of the primary things I do on the wiki is maintain the Lua modules that power several of the pages.

I try to keep an eye on Category:Pages with script errors (Currently 0 pages) and make sure that number stays at zero.

After Update Checklist

As of version 1.1, all data that needs to be updated is stored in Module:GameData/data

To-Do List

Below is a list of various things that I need to automate:


User:Falterfire/Page2 User:Falterfire/Page3

LightTable Test

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