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To start, you should have: Full Steel Armour, 20 / 20 / 20, Steel Scimitar
At the end, you should have: Auto Eat - Tier I, 4-5 pieces of Mithril Armour, 40 / 40 / 40, Ice Sword, Adamant Dagger

Chapter II-A: Making Money Early Game + Auto Eat 1

Now is a good time to earn money while training combat stats. The importance of money is to be able to afford Auto Eat - Tier I, as the single most common killer of HCCOs is simply forgetting to eat in time. Getting this upgrade sooner rather than later will eliminate the most common cause of death, so it is worth prioritising. Restarting a HCCO over again is always less efficient than simply taking the extra precautions to ensure safety.

The safest way to make money, for now, is to kill Cows, collect their Leather, and upgrade it into Green Dragonhide through the shop. The selling price for Leather is 50GP, while the selling price for Green Dragonhide is 200GP. By upgrading it, you effectively get 100GP per piece of Leather. The average GP yield per Cow is 203GP. This can later be increased by 150GP with Gloves of Silence, but that has a decent 45 requirement.

Important: As you farm Cows early game, Master Farmers later in the game, or Statues for Silver Bar+ Gold Bar to use on gear upgrades, it is ALWAYS recommended to use free the easy Slayer reroll to get your current objective, as all 3 of them are included. The full list of Slayer tasks will be discussed in the next section.

Chapter II-B: Easy Slayer Tasks

As your stats and gear improve throughout this chapter, more and more easy slayer tasks become viable to do. This is an advantage as it limits the amount of manual rerolling of tasks required. SC Slayer Coins are an important currency as they will be spent on Basic Resupplies and will our next food source to replace Potatoes. The Lobsters are important to obtain as they will be used towards the end of this chapter to obtain the more difficult upgrades such as Amulet of Looting. Due to manual eating being quite slow, Potatoes cannot feasibly be used for more difficult combat encounters where the damage sustained from enemies is high.

The category of easy slayer tasks can be broken down into roughly 4 groups: very easy, easy, moderate and dangerous (for auto slayer).

"Very easy" Easy Tasks

The list of very easy tasks include: Plant, Chicken, Cow, Seagull, Golbin, Junior Farmer and Ranged Golbin. These tasks were selected as all having an average DPS of below 1 damage/second on a player wearing full steel and 30. These tasks are simple and reliable points, but since they have low HP they will be very quick to complete and therefore quite tedious.

"Easy" Easy Tasks

The next category are easy tasks, which include: Steel Knight, Skeleton, Tentacle, Goo Monster, Leech and Zombie Hand. These monsters have a DPS ranging from 1 to about 3. Of this list, Tentacle are the best task as they have the most HP.

"Moderate" Easy Tasks

The last category of tasks that will be undertaken are the moderate ones, which are compromised of: Black Knight, Giant Crab, Moist Monster, Green Goo Monster, Adult Farmer, Sweaty Monster, Mummy, Zombie, Hill Giant and Statue. These tasks are doable with a bit higher stats (around 40, 40, 40) and some of the later gear upgrades such as Ice Sword discussed below. Of particular note from this group, Sweaty Monster drop a somewhat decent supply of Salmon, Lobster and Shark, Mummies drop a lot of useful jewellery (discussed below), Statues are the best source of Silver Bars and Gold Bars needed to upgrade metal armour, and lastly Giant Crab are the single best easy task, boasting the highest HP without having too high offensive stats.

"Dangerous" Easy Tasks

The rest of the easy slayer tasks can be quite difficult, as they either have quite high stats (such as Ghosts), have damaging special attacks (such as Frozen Archer) or are magic users and therefore extremely accurate (such as Wizards and Fairies). Monsters in this category should be avoided until much later, and a lot of care must be exercised when using Auto Slayer as these tasks can waste in excess of 500 Lobster per hour without proper stats and gear.

Chapter II-C: Gear Upgrades

While training your stats on Cows, you will eventually be strong enough to make some gear upgrades. For armour, the next Knight after Steel is Black. However, you should skip it, as the drop chances are very low, and the next tier is not much harder anyway. Instead, you will skip straight to Mithril Knight.


But before you visit the Mithril Knight you'll want to take a detour to fight the Mummy for Silver Ruby Necklace and Gold Topaz Ring to fill out your neck and ring slots. The Gold Topaz Ring enables your character to obtain Signet Ring Half (b) while in combat, which can be sold for 850,000GP and will cut out a large portion of the Auto Eat grinds. Note that without Alt. Magic (which is typically not allowed as it does not constitute combat), CO players have no means to obtain a Signet Ring Half (a) to complete the full Aorpheat's Signet Ring. You will also want to nab a Silver Diamond Ring for the small DR it offers for future bossing. If you want to grind an Elite Amulet of Strength from Mummies, you may as it will help with Spider Forest, but it will be a little faster to do so in a bit. Note that the Silver Ruby Necklace and the Silver Topaz Necklace are both better than Amulet of Strength in the early game.


After these upgrades, your next step is Mithril Knights. Because they only drop gear a quarter of the time when killed (on average), it can take quite a while to get a full Mithril set, so we won't aim for this. You will probably get Boots (25 in 268) and Helmets (15 in 268) and Shields (5/134) quite often. The two lowest drop rate items ( Platelegs (5 in 268) and Platebody (1 in 568)) and are therefore not worth grinding for specifically. The corresponding adamant drop from Adamant Knights is a better use of your time to obtain later down the line.


For weapon upgrades, you will probably get both a Sword (5 in 134) and a Scimitar (1 in 67) from Mithril Knights, too, so equip these once dropped. You may equip the Sword, too, but consider sticking with the Scimitar for now, to efficiently level up your Strength skill. You can upgrade to a cheap Adamant Dagger from the Purple Goo Monster after 30, and lastly the Ice Sword at 40.

As mentioned, you will want to get the Ice Sword after getting mostly full Mithril Armour and 40, as it is a really good upgrade at this point. The drop rate is 10% at the Ice Monster in the Icy Hills. The Ice Sword is better at grinding Strength than all weapons from a lower tier.

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