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To start, you should have: Nothing!
At the end, you should have: 4 Steel Armour pieces

You should get to about 10 in all melee combat skills (usually expressed as 10 / 10 / 10) by fighting Plants. After that, it’s time to start getting your first bit of equipment. Try to select Plant easy slayer tasks to start the SC stack rolling.

After you have a decent stack of food from fighting Plants, it’s time to get your first pieces of gear from the Golbin. You should have some levels in all skills ( 10 / 10 / 10 or so) and a couple hundred potatoes or so. You’re looking for a Bronze Battleaxe (1 in 27 chance) and a Bronze Shield (1 in 27 chance). If you get unlucky, don’t worry. Just kill Plants for food until you’re able to get both.

Plants have very low HP, so having a faster weapon allows you to kill them faster, as you don’t need more than 20 damage to kill a Plant. So, your next goal after your Bronze Battleaxe is an Iron Dagger. You should have about 15 / 15 / 15 stats and a few hundred potatoes. The Iron Dagger has a 1/33 drop rate from the Goo Monster.

Your next gear upgrades will come from Zombie Hand. You’re looking for the Iron Platebody (1 in 4 chance) and Iron Platelegs (1 in 4 chance). Some people might go for the Steel Knight first, but since the Zombie Hand has a better chance for gear, it’s recommended to do it first. You should have about 20/20/20 stats for this and, once again, a large stack of taters.

After you have the gear from the Zombie Hand, you should then move on to the regular Zombie for the Steel Platebody (1 in 5 chance). It also drops Steel Boots (1 in 5 chance), but you shouldn’t grind for them here since it's easier to get them from the Steel Knight next. ( 20 / 20 / 20 stats recommended)

You’ll end the first part of your HCCO journey with Steel Knights. They drop the Steel Helmet (15 in 67 chance), Steel Shield (10 in 67 chance), Steel Sword (10 in 67 chance), and Steel Scimitar (4 in 67 chance). You should be using the Steel Sword on Attack and Defence and the Scimitar on Strength when killing most monsters, but again, daggers should be used on Plants due to their fast attack rate. The Mirror Shield is a useful item to get around here, but if you decide not to get it, you can avoid ever getting tasks in the Strange Cave (note this only applies to manually rolling tasks and doesn't affect Auto Slayer). It acts as a decent early Shield, before you get the Mithril Shield. However, it's optional, and the SC can be spent on Basic Resupplies instead.

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