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Chunked Gamemode is an esoteric challenge gamemode created by the community, inspired by the various forms of Chunkman in the RuneScape community.

The challengemode itself can be played in any base Gamemode, but is balanced around Hardcore. I'll call the hardcore version HChunked.


The limitations of the game mode has a few main rules, although expanded restrictions may make the game more fun or challenging.

For reference, thieving is considered a combat skill.

  • Initally, all gathering and artisan skills are locked.
  • If you have unlocked any item already, you're allowed to farm this item through non-combat skills after clearing the whole drop table of the monster in which you got it.
  • You're limited to killing monsters in the same area until you have completed all the monsters in the current area.
  • If you have access to some item in the zone you're currently in, you must get it before moving on. This includes equipment upgrades.
  • If you have unlocked an item in an area, you must also gather or create at least one of this item through skilling, if possible.
  • If you have a piece of equipment unlocked, you must also equip it before moving on, if possible.

Aditionally, some of the thieving zones are linked with the in-combat zones.

The goal? Max out completion log as much as possible.


Combat Area Thieving Area
Low Town
Golbin Village
Bandit Hideout
Farmlands Farmer's Market
Sandy Shores Port of Lemvor
Giant Dungeon Cave of Giants
Wet Forest Outskirts
Castle of Kings Fort
Wizard Tower
Castle of Kings Royal Castle

Thieving targets are counted as additional monsters in the areas they correspond to in traditional combat.

The Fort and the Royal Castle are self-restricted: while both are required to complete the Castle of Kings, one must be entirely completed before the other is started.

The Low Town and the Banquet are always available.

  • This means you can target these zones whenever you want, even when doing normal combat.
  • If you start either one or the other, you have to complete all the thieving targets before moving on to targets in other thieving zones.

Other restrictions and aspects

Farming and Cooking actions are locked behind having both the input and the output items unlocked already.

Astrology and Alt. Magic are locked.

The Shop is available for all purchases.

Up for a challenge?

Chunked+ is a stricter, although probably more balanced sub-gamemode:

  • Artisan skills require you to already have the product in the completion log. This means that you having Leather is not enough to start Crafting anything, for example.
  • You may only kill a new monster in the current area once you have completed the whole loot table of the previous monster.

Chunked++ is an even stricter sub-gamemode:

  • To complete a Thieving target, you also must get 100% mastery on the target.
  • Similarly to how you must get items before moving on, you must also get pets before moving on.
  • Only 12 bank slots