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This page was created to show all the different variations of Custom Gamemodes that you can set for yourself.


This type of Gamemode does not involve any restrictions whatsoever.

Hardcore (HC)

  • Hardcore accounts are deleted upon Death.
  • Your Bank is restricted to 80 slots.
  • Hitpoints do not passively regenerate.
  • The Combat Triangle penalties for using the combat style that is weak against the current enemy are increased.


A main account normally trains everything to 99 and finishes the Completion Log in its entirety.


Skiller accounts do not train anything Combat related.


Pure accounts typically only train one of the Combat options. Such as:

Combat Only (CO)

  • A Combat Only account is not allowed to use any non-combat skills (including Alt. Magic).
  • Any non-combat related drops (seeds, logs, ore, etc) are better off being sold.

Another variation of "Combat Only" is where you are allowed to use any items you obtain from Monsters for any non-combat related Skills.

12 Bank Slots (12B)

With this Custom Gamemode, you are only allowed to use the 12 Bank slots that you begin with.

Combination Examples

With all of the Custom Gamemodes available, a lot of players tend to combine a few of them. For example:

  • Hardcore + Combat Only (HCCO): This player would have all of the restrictions of a Hardcore account along with the restrictions of a Combat Only account.
  • Combat Only Skiller (COS): This player is only able to train their non-combat related skills with items that they obtain from Monsters. Which means they aren't allowed to do any Gathering skills (Fishing, Mining, Woodcutting, etc).
  • Hardcore + 12 Bank Slots (HC12B): This player would have all of the restrictions of a Hardcore account, but instead of having only 80 Bank slots to use, they are further restricted to only using 12 Bank slots.

Impossible Combinations

Unfortunately, when you create a new account, you currently don't start off with any items. This means that you cannot use the following Custom Gamemode Combinations:

  • Magic Pure + Combat Only
  • Ranged Pure + Combat Only