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Changelog.svg This strategy was calculated for v1.0.5 and may have changed in newer updates.


  • Fishing Level 95

Improves GP Rate

Name Description
Dragon Fishing Rod -40% Fishing Interval
Amulet of Fishing -15% Fishing Interval, additive with Dragon Fishing Rod for a total of -55%
Fishing Skillcape Doubles the number of fish caught
Aorpheat's Signet Ring +10% Fishing Doubling
Fishing Hook +10% Fishing Doubling
Sailor's Top -3% Special drops, resulting in more fish
Pudding Duckie +5% Fishing Doubling
Level 99 / Level 99 Doubles the number of fish caught
50% Fishing Mastery Pool Checkpoint +5% Fishing Doubling
95% Fishing Mastery Pool Checkpoint +25% chance to receive an additional random special item whenever special items are received.
Fishermans Potion IV +12% Fishing Doubling
Ameria Up to +15% Fishing Doubling
Up to -15% Fishing Interval, additive with the above bonuses for a total of -70%
Rock Climb +5% Fishing Doubling
Ice Jump +5% Global Doubling
Pillar of Skilling +3% Global Doubling
Octopus +3% chance to get 1 extra resource in Fishing (cannot be doubled)
Octopus + Pig Synergy 75% chance to receive an extra fish as a cooked version while fishing

The Fishing Skillcape and Level 99 Mastery bonuses will stack, causing at least four fish to be caught each time. The rest of the doubling bonuses result in a 55% chance to catch eight fish.


Fish for Raw Whales if using the Octopus + Pig Summoning synergy, or Magic Fish if not. Other fish providing good GP/hour rates are also listed below. Each piece of equipment will give a substantial boost to profit per hour. Fishing is the most profitable single-skill money making method, though it gets outclassed by the multiplicative benefits of the combinations above. This method does not include extra gold gained from special chances which would boost profit per hour marginally. Maximum GP/hour rates assume all improvements to GP rate are obtained and in use.

With the Throne of the Herald expansion, higher level fish may yield higher profit than base game fish. Raw Static Jellyfish is the first fish with greater GP/h than whales. Alternately, prioritizing fish with higher XP rates will get you to the most profitable high-level fish such as Raw Mystic Shark faster. Fish GP/h is listed in the Fishing page.

With the Atlas of Discovery expansion, The Fisherman's Bounty point of interest in Cartography provides several useful buffs to this method.

Alternative Fish

Players may choose to consider the following options:

Fish Requirements GP/Fish Expected Output/Hour Maximum GP/Hour
With Without
With Without With Without With Without
Raw Magic Fish Fishing Level 80
Message in a Bottle
Coins.svg 960 3,540 1,770 Coins.svg 3,413k Coins.svg 3,398k Coins.svg 1,715k Coins.svg 1,699k
Raw Whale Fishing Level 95 Coins.svg 750 4,470 2,235 Coins.svg 4,422k Coins.svg 3,353k Coins.svg 2,745k Coins.svg 1,677k
Raw Manta Ray Fishing Level 85 Coins.svg 650 4,510 2,255 Coins.svg 3,805k Coins.svg 2,932k Coins.svg 2,339k Coins.svg 1,466k
Raw Shark Fishing Level 70 Coins.svg 270 7,112 3,556 Coins.svg 2,481k Coins.svg 1,920k Coins.svg 1,521k Coins.svg 960k


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