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This page is out of date (v1.1.2).

Agility has turned out to be one of the stronger ways to make money, especially as you get into the lategame. As per v1.1, the following setup gives roughly 175Mgp/h. assuming you have infinite tablets and potions.



ObstaclePillar (most effective → least effective)
IRope Swing
IIMonkey BarsBalance Beam
IIIPipe BalanceBalance Seesaw
IVMud Crawl
VMountain Climb
VITree Balance
VIIHeat Trap
VIIITree HangRunic Trail
IXLava Jump
XDragon Fight
XIFrozen Maze
XIIForest Jog
XIIIBurning Trap
XIVWaterfall Climb
XVMountain Trail
Elite PillarExpertise

Other effects

Performance Enhancing Potion IV -12% interval.
Sam +15% bonus to GP gain.
Mister Fuzzbutt The fuzzbutt gives +5% GP globally
Astrology +5% GP and -5% interval from Ko. +5% GP from Rosaniya.