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Hello Melvor friends, I'm a Chinese player, translating Wiki content in BiliBili.We call translation barbecue, so u can call me "BBQ man". My name, Feihu233. Feihu in English is Flying Tiger. In TRPG, I often call myself Tigeris Fly. As 233, it's a Chinese meme. A Chinese Forum use numeric code to express emoticon. The 233th emoticon is a bun-chan hammering and laughing. After a period of time, some forum users choose to use the numeric code of the expression instead of the expression itself. And 233 become a meme because it is used the most.

It's my translation collection: I also made some original strategies in that.

Melvor 玩家好,我的名字是飞虎233,Bilibili搬运Wiki内容。 在Wiki上找到方法做翻译之前,可以先看我的B站文集,其中有一些原创内容: