Super adventure mode

From Melvor Idle

Super adventure mode is a mode created by user levgre#1415. The goal of this mode is to increase immersion and create lots of house rules like a homebrewed DnD campaign. The participant picks and chooses which rules to follow, although some rules are more important to the game mode than others (listed in order from most important to least important)


Choose Adventure mode for your character

skip tutorial island

Most important rule (choose one or the other)

No food rule - cannot eat ANY food (can’t complete full game this way though)


Potato only rule - can only eat potatoes (most time consuming type of food)

red lobster rule - can eat lobster for the only purpose of defeating Spider King

"Latvian man goes to buy iPhone..

Premise ridiculous! iPhone cannot be use to farm potato. Also, salesman die of malnourish. "

Restricted resource gathering rule

Woodcutting locked behind Spider Forest completion

Farming crops locked behind acquiring Bob’s Rake (in bank or equipped)

Farming herbs locked behind acquiring Bob's Glove (in bank or equipped)

Fishing locked behind Deep Sea Ship completion

Mining locked behind Milolite Cave completion

Thieving locked behind ITM completion

Dont like sand

Sandstorm ring banned

Hate the Ancients

Ancient magick banned

Enemy of Dragons

Can’t use dragon familiar

All Used

Can't sell any food (raw or cooked) it must stay in bank, or be cooked/made into potion. Seeds also cannot be sold. Compost and burnt food can be sold.

Preserve the Wildlife

Kill less than 50 of any non-human/non-plant/non-goblin enemy per combat level. It's okay if you go over by a bit, do your best! Best to kill the non-restricted enemies overnight though.

Information rules (pick and choose)

No extension rule - can’t use any extensions/add-ons while playing super adventure

No Game testing rule - can't run debug mode or other save files to test experiments

No wiki rule - can’t access wiki while playing super adventure

No spreadsheet rule - can’t access spreadsheets while playing super adventure

No calculator rule - can’t use calculator while playing super adventure

No chat rule - can’t ask game related questions or look up questions in Discord server while playing super adventure

User Tags for rules (add these to your discord name to signify your super adventure game mode)

No Food - NF

Potato Only - PO

Restricted Resource - RR

Don't Like Sand - DLS

Hate the Ancients - HA

Enemy of Dragons - ED

All Used - AU

Preserve the Wildlife - PW