Mod Creation

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This is the landing page for all things related to creating mods for Melvor Idle.

Mod Creation Guides
Guide Description
Getting Started Use this guide as a starting point for your modding journey.
Creator Toolkit The Creator Toolkit is the official platform for tools related to mod creation available within the game on Steam or in the browser.
Migrating from Scripts and Extensions Migrating your script or extension to the new mod format? Use these guidelines for a frustration-free experience.
Essentials This guide covers common modding scenarios and APIs.
Mod Context API Reference API reference guide for the mod context object.
Sidebar API Reference API reference guide for the sidebar object.
Reusable Components with PetiteVue Additional details on using PetiteVue, the library available to create reusable HTML components.
Enabling DevTools for the Steam Client Explains how to enable DevTools for the Steam client.
In Game Functions Reference for many of the in-game functions that are more frequently used within the console.