Easter Event 2020

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Flappy Golbin

The Easter Event ran from the 10th to the 14th of April, 2020. The event added a "Flappy Golbin" mini-game, which is a reskin of the 2013 classic Flappy Bird. Flappy Golbin has three difficulty levels, Easy, Normal, and Hard. Easy has a wide gap between logs to pass through and awards 1 point per log passed. Normal has a smaller gap to pass through and awards 2 points per log passed. Hard has logs which move up and down, awarding 4 points per log passed. The player's high score for each difficulty is displayed on the event page.

The player's score each game in Flappy Golbin is converted to "Eggs" for the player, which is a currency that could be used to purchase items from the Easter Shop.

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