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This page is out of date (v0.20).
This article is about training the Thieving skill. For the skill itself, see Herblore.


This page goes through the general method and tips of training the Herblore skill.


There is no requirement to start Herblore.


Level Potion
1-20 Bird Nest Potion I (item).svg Bird Nest Potion
20-32 Controlled Heat Potion I (item).svg Controlled Heat Potion
32-40 Generous Cook Potion I (item).svg Generous Cook Potion
40-42 Fishermans Potion I (item).svg Fishermans Potion
42-49 Skilled Fletching Potion I (item).svg Skilled Fletching Potion
49-53 Crafting Potion I (item).svg Crafting Potion
53-62 Perfect Swing Potion I (item).svg Perfect Swing Potion
62-71 Performance Enhancing Potion I (item).svg Performance Enhancing Potion
71-74 Herblore Potion I (item).svg Herblore Potion
74-99 Generous Harvest Potion I (item).svg Generous Harvest Potion


The following things can be used to increase the amount of Thieving XP received:

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