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This article is about training the Fishing skill. For the skill itself, see Fishing.


Generally speaking, you should fish the highest level fish available to you. However, since Fishing provides many additional benefits in other skills, it may be worth lingering on certain other fish for some time, saving time down the road.

The most notable considerations are the two items Amulet of Fishing and Pirates Lost Ring. The Amulet provides -15% Fishing Interval, and the Ring provides a massive 15% additional Fishing XP. There is also the Message in a Bottle, which unlocks the Secret Area with many important fish. These can only drop when receiving a "Special" item, so maximizing this chance is very important.

First we want to minimize how much Junk we receive. It provides 1 XP when received, greatly reducing your overall XP and GP rates. Players will receive Junk at a fairly high rate (10-29%, depending on location) while fishing until their total Mastery Pool is at 25%, or when the Mastery level for an individual fish reaches 65. It will take a longer time initially to reach 25% Mastery Pool, so we will focus on a few fish to boost to Mastery Level 65. You also receive a +3% chance to catch Special items when reaching level 50 for an individual fish.

We're going to swap targets very frequently at the start, since we won't be getting any fish to 65 for a while. Fish Raw Shrimp from 1-5, Raw Sardine from 5-10, Raw Herring from 10-20 (switch to Raw Seahorse if you got the Message in a Bottle, although this is extremely unlikely by level 15), and Raw Trout from 20-30.

This is a good point to consider using the Ent and Octopus Summoning synergy, if you have it. It will give you +3% chance for Special catches, which will let you get important Fishing drops sooner. At level 30, you should fish Raw Poison Fish for a while, which are used in Performance Enhancing Potions and Lethal Toxins Potions. However, depending on where you are at in the game, you may be holding onto these fish for a while. If you prefer, continue swapping to higher level fish until 50.

If you've managed to get the Message in a Bottle by now, you can switch to Raw Skeleton Fish at level 45 and just fish those all the way to level 80 or 95. This will give you a huge abundance of Prayer points, and is one of the best ways to get Prayer points. Level up Raw Skeleton Fish to Level 65, to eliminate Junk catches.

If you still haven't gotten Message in a Bottle, stop on Raw Swordfish for a while at level 50, leveling it to Level 65. The cooked version ( Swordfish) is used in Generous Cook Potions, which you will need a lot of eventually. You can switch again to Raw Crab at 60, for Fishermans Potions.

This is also where you should consider switching to the Octopus and Pig Summoning synergy instead, if you aren't farming Raw Skeleton Fish. This will give you a 75% chance to fish up a cooked version of any fish (that can be cooked), which you can either use as food or sell for more GP. If you are early in the game, this is a good source of early GP. However, it may be difficult to unlock the synergy early, so don't worry if you don't have it.

Once you're at 60, fish any of the above fish all the way to 99. If you're going to focus on any, make sure to level them to Mastery level 65, so you don't catch any Junk. Raw Crab are great as cooked food and as a potion ingredient, so it's not a bad idea to fish them for a while. If at any point you get the Message in a Bottle, you can switch immediately to Raw Skeleton Fish and ride them all the way to 95 or 99.

Finally, fish Raw Whale from 95-99, as they are a great source of cooked food.

Quick Reference

These tables serve as an at a glance reference for some different paths to 99. None of them are strictly needed; feel free to swap fish whenever you want or need.

Skeleton Fish to 99
Level Fish
1-5 Raw Shrimp
5-10 Raw Sardine
10-20 Raw Herring
20-30 Raw Trout
30-50 Raw Poison Fish
45-99 Raw Skeleton Fish
Fish for Other Skills
Level Fish
1-5 Raw Shrimp
5-10 Raw Sardine
10-20 Raw Herring
20-30 Raw Trout
30-50 Raw Poison Fish
50-60 Raw Swordfish
60-95 Raw Crab
95-99 Raw Whale
Octopus + Pig
Level Fish
1-5 Raw Shrimp
5-10 Raw Sardine
10-20 Raw Herring
20-35 Raw Trout
35-50 Raw Salmon
50-55 Raw Swordfish
55-65 Raw Fanfish
60-70 Raw Carp
70-85 Raw Shark
85-95 Raw Manta Ray
95-99 Raw Whale


Below is an automatically generated list of boosts that will speed up leveling. However, none of the boosts are necessary to reach 99, and can be easily skipped.


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