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Discord: Bobogoobo#9673. Aficionado of wikis, idle games, rhythm games, spelling and grammar, and more. Feel free to ask if I can help with anything.

Project ideas:

  • Make sure all pages have a version template when appropriate
  • Pages with manual data should have version parameter (dungeons don't, for example). IMO this includes pets with drop chances.
  • Need a disambiguation template to mark disambig pages in MW
    • Maybe more? Magic Wand seems to stand alone
  • Clean up all Training pages and guides for wiki formatting and grammar
  • Change direct file links to use Icon templates when appropriate
  • Top-level contents category (then the rest can be fit in the tree); categorize pages that are only in version category/ies
  • File, template, module, etc. categorization (some files already in relevant categories)
  • Some issues with item box categories
  • Monster data module links to Chick disambig, fixable?
  • Seeds/Ores pages any use or can be redirects?
  • Link items on Shop that have pages (e.g. gloves, slayer items) - not sure what causes some to be linked and some not
  • Delete Widget:Test and some duplicate images that had spelling fixed, extension changed, etc (see Special:UnusedFiles). Auto Eat could be file redirects?
  • Update templates with weird parameters like Template:Main (bot required)
  • Some potion icon images are a different size from the rest, causes table appearance issue (see Herblore). Probably another in-game issue.