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This page is out of date (v1.0.3).

There are currently 46 unobtainable items and an additional 17 items which are obtainable but do not count for completion percentage. None of these items are listed in the completion log, will only appear once collected, and those that sell for 0 GP can be recollected once obtained by clicking on the item in the completion log.

There also exists 39 items exclusive to Golbin Raid, which cannot be found outside of the minigame and will never appear within the item log.

This means a complete item log would consist of 1,190 items, but only 1,127 items are required for 100%. This mean 100% completion could be thought of as 1,173/1,190 items (98.57% completion) or even 1,127/1,190 items (94.71% completion).


Cooking (skill).svg Cooking was introduced in V0.04 and burnt items were obtainable by failing to cook a food item. Since the v1.0 release, Cooking no longer could burn your food. A total of 15 items thus became unobtainable. Burnt Cave Fish (item).svg Burnt Cave Fish is still available by killing Tentacle (monster).svg Tentacles due to it being required for Clue Chasers Insignia (item).svg Clue Chasers Insignia.

Item Unobtainable since
Burnt Manta Ray (item).svg Burnt Manta Ray v1.0
Burnt Lobster (item).svg Burnt Lobster v1.0
Burnt Sardine (item).svg Burnt Sardine v1.0
Burnt Anglerfish (item).svg Burnt Anglerfish v1.0
Burnt Whale (item).svg Burnt Whale v1.0
Burnt Shark (item).svg Burnt Shark v1.0
Burnt Seahorse (item).svg Burnt Seahorse v1.0
Burnt Fanfish (item).svg Burnt Fanfish v1.0
Burnt Crab (item).svg Burnt Crab v1.0
Burnt Shrimp (item).svg Burnt Shrimp v1.0
Burnt Herring (item).svg Burnt Herring v1.0
Burnt Trout (item).svg Burnt Trout v1.0
Burnt Salmon (item).svg Burnt Salmon v1.0
Burnt Swordfish (item).svg Burnt Swordfish v1.0
Burnt Carp (item).svg Burnt Carp v1.0


Holiday Event 2021

Introduced in V1.0.1, the 2021 Holiday Event ran from the 23rd to the 30th of December, 2021. It included 14 unique items.

The event consisted of collecting 250 presents for Festive Chio (pet).png Festive Chio on each of five different skills.

By completing each of the different skills, a reward would be unlocked, requiring the player to do all five skills to complete the whole event. Each completed task will give a limited event reward.

Item Acquired From
Christmas Present (Standard) (item).png Christmas Present (Standard) Any other skill
Christmas Present (Yellow) (item).png Christmas Present (Yellow) Woodcutting (skill).svg Woodcutting
Christmas Present (Blue) (item).png Christmas Present (Blue) Fishing (skill).svg Fishing
Christmas Present (Green) (item).png Christmas Present (Green) Firemaking (skill).svg Firemaking
Christmas Present (White) (item).png Christmas Present (White) Cooking (skill).svg Cooking
Christmas Present (Purple) (item).png Christmas Present (Purple) Mining (skill).svg Mining
Edible Candy Cane (item).png Edible Candy Cane Opening Christmas Present (Standard) (item).pngChristmas Present (Yellow) (item).png Christmas Present (Blue) (item).pngChristmas Present (Green) (item).pngChristmas Present (White) (item).pngChristmas Present (Purple) (item).png
Gingerbread Man (item).png Gingerbread Man
Gingerbread House (item).png Gingerbread House
Event Token (Holiday 2021) (item).png Event Token (Holiday 2021) Completing any one task
Festive Cool Rock (pet).png Festive Cool Rock Completing any two tasks
Holiday Scarf (item).png Holiday Scarf Completing any three tasks
Locked Chest (item).png Locked Chest Completing any four tasks
Festive Chio (pet).png Festive Chio Completing all the tasks

Christmas 2020

Introduced in V0.18.1, the 2020 Christmas Event ran from the 23rd to the 30th of December, 2020. The event was similar to the 2020 April Fool's Event, in that players would open presents by scratching a tile to reveal the gift inside. Each player would initially have 10 presents, with another present being added for each 10 minutes of play time. The event introduced 7 items and a pet which were only obtainable while the event was active.

Upon opening a present, the player would either reveal a joke tile, acquire a random item from a selection of items (including one of six event specific items available from presents), or unlock the event specific pet: Ripper the Reindeer (pet).svg Ripper the Reindeer. The full list of available items is listed below.

One of the event specific items, the Friendship Bracelet (item).svg Friendship Bracelet, cannot be found by opening presents. Instead, this item can be found by first acquiring a Christmas Cracker (item).svg Christmas Cracker from presents, following which the player must select the Christmas Cracker (item).svg Christmas Cracker within the bank and click the "Find a Friend" button when the time is 04:20 UTC or 16:20 UTC. If the player is successful they will be notified that they have found a friend and the Friendship Bracelet (item).svg Friendship Bracelet will be added to the bank. However, if unsuccessful the player will instead be notified that no friends were found and they will not receive the bracelet. Since the event is over, the player will always be informed that no friends were found.

Item Unobtainable since Notes
Christmas Cracker (item).svg Christmas Cracker v0.19
Christmas Coal (item).svg Christmas Coal v0.19
Christmas Sweater (item).svg Christmas Sweater v0.19
Christmas Wreath (item).svg Christmas Wreath v0.19
Candy Cane (item).svg Candy Cane v0.19
Santa Hat (item).svg Santa Hat v0.19
Friendship Bracelet (item).svg Friendship Bracelet v1.0? Assuming you had Christmas Cracker (item).svg before v0.19
Ripper the Reindeer (pet).svg Ripper the Reindeer v0.19

Anniversary Event 2020

The Anniversary Event 2020 from version V0.16.3 featured a puzzle to be solved. It included 11 items.

Item Unavailable since Notes
Event Clue 1 (item).svg Event Clue 1 v0.17
Event Clue 2 (item).svg Event Clue 2 v0.17
Event Clue 3 (item).svg Event Clue 3 v0.17
Event Clue 4 (item).svg Event Clue 4 v0.17
Candle (item).svg Candle v0.17
Cake Base (item).svg Cake Base v0.17
Magical Flavouring (item).svg Magical Flavouring v0.17
Magical Icing (item).svg Magical Icing v0.17
Birthday Cake (item).svg Birthday Cake Still obtainable :D Crafted from Candle (item).svgCake Base (item).svgMagical Flavouring (item).svgMagical Icing (item).svg
Purple Party Hat (item).svg Purple Party Hat v0.17
Birthday Token (item).svg Birthday Token v0.17

Chaos Mode

Easter Egg (item).svg Easter Egg is an item that was introduced during the Alpha v0.19.2 update, and could be obtained by successfully defeating a Chicken (monster).svg Chicken in Chaos.svg Chaos mode. In Chaos mode, Chickens always performed an unavoidable attack which would instantly kill the player, and so the only way to defeat Chickens was to obtain enough attack speed reduction (via the Chaos mode item corruption mechanic) such that the player's attack would occur before the Chicken could attack. Once defeated, an Easter Egg would be added to the player's bank.

Item Unavailable since Notes
Easter Egg (item).svg Easter Egg v0.21 Only in Chaos mode

Ignored for Item Log


Item Source
A Tale of the Past, a future's prophecy (item).svg A Tale of the Past, a future's prophecy Volcanic Cave (dungeon).svg Volcanic Cave
The First Hero and an Unknown Evil (item).svg The First Hero and an Unknown Evil Fire God Dungeon (dungeon).svg Fire God Dungeon
New Dawn (item).svg New Dawn Into the Mist (dungeon).svg Into the Mist
Beginning of the End (item).png Beginning of the End Into the Mist (dungeon).svg Into the Mist
Impending Darkness (item).png Impending Darkness Impending Darkness Event (dungeon).svg Impending Darkness Event

Easter Eggs

Item Source
Lemon (item).jpg Lemon wherearemylemons
Lemons (item).jpg Lemons Lemon (item).jpg 100 Lemons
Lemonade (item).jpg Lemonade Lemons (item).jpg 10 Lemons
Lemon Cake (item).png Lemon Cake Easter Egg (item).svg Easter Eggs
Lemon Cake (Perfect) (item).png Lemon Cake (Perfect) Easter Egg (item).svg Easter Eggs
Amulet of Calculated Promotion (item).svg Amulet of Calculated Promotion Easter Egg (item).svg Easter Eggs
8 (item).svg 8 Easter Egg (item).svg Easter Eggs
Abnormal Log (item).svg Abnormal Log Easter Egg (item).svg Easter Eggs
Red Herring (item).svg Red Herring Easter Egg (item).svg Easter Eggs
Cool Glasses (item).png Cool Glasses Cool Rock (pet).svg Cool Rock


Item Requirements Cost
Cape of Completion (item).svg Cape of Completion 100% completion Coins.svg 200,000,000
Yellow Party Hat (item).svg Yellow Party Hat Collect raids coins in Golbin Raid Raid Coins.svg 500,000

Golbin Raid

There are currently 39 items exclusive to the Golbin Raid minigame, none of which count towards item completion. The complete list of these items can be seen within the Golbin Crate section of the minigame page.