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This page is out of date (v1.0.2).

Thieving is one of the current, as of v1.0.2, best ways to make money. With all the best setup, you can reach up to 16.47M gp/hr.

Early on, the bonuses might not be very good, but getting the Mastery level up to 99 increases the stealth by +75. Any amount of stealth makes a huge difference. Look forward to this.

The best target is eventually the Knight (thieving).svg Knight, with the King (thieving).svg King and the Princess (thieving).svg Princess coming really close. If using the Devil synergy, the princess is actually better than the knight, but not overall.

Until you reach higher levels, stick with Merchant (thieving).svg Merchant,Bob the Farmer (thieving).svg Bob the Farmer or Fisherman (thieving).svg Fisherman, as they provide decent gold (around 2 M/hr) per hour.


If you have the passive slot, using both gloves is great.


ObstaclePillar (most effective → least effective)
Agility (skill).svg IRope Climb
Agility (skill).svg IIIPit Jump
Agility (skill).svg IVCoal Stones
Agility (skill).svg VRooftop RunTree Climb
Agility (skill).svg VIIITree Hang
Agility (skill).svg IXIce JumpWater Jump
Agility (skill).svg XBoulder Move
Agility (skill).svg PillarGenerosity

While not all obstacles have an effect on Coins.svg gold gain, all relevant pillars are here because of experience effects.

The pillar of Obstacle 4, both pillars of Obstacle 5, and Ice Jump of Obstacle 9 give gold gain effects. Use the Pillar of Generosity for gold.

Other effects

Gentle Hands Potion IV (item).svg Gentle Hands Potion IV Increases stealth. Higher success rate.
Snek (pet).png Snek +50% bonus to GP gain. With all the bonuses this doesn't make much of a difference.
Aquarias (pet).svg Aquarias +1% double item chance. Does not hurt, but minimal bonus.
Astrology (skill).svg Astrology Chance to double loot, and minimum GP by 11%. That's good.