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Makes use of Module:Shop to automatically generate a purchase box for various shop purchases.

Usage: {{PurchaseBox|<Shop Purchase Name>}}. If the name parameter is omitted, the page name is used instead.

For example, {{PurchaseBox|Generous Resupply}} returns:

Generous Resupply
Shark (item).svg
+200 Rune Arrows, +200 Ruby Bolts, +1,000 Light Runes, +200 Sharks, +1,000 Magic Bones
Type: Item Bundle
Cost: Slayer Coins.svg 20,000
Requirements: Slayer (skill).svg Level 75
200 Rune Arrows (item).svg Rune Arrows
200 Ruby Bolts (item).svg Ruby Bolts
1,000 Light Rune (item).svg Light Rune
200 Shark (item).svg Shark
1,000 Magic Bones (item).svg Magic Bones