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Otheruses is used to add disambiguation links at the top of the page.


{{Otheruses|def=no|topic|other topic|link}}

Do not use this template on an article with an unambiguous title; for example, a reader who searches specifically for "Golbin (thieving)" is not likely to have been looking for an article about the monster, so it would not be appropriate to add {{Otheruses|Golbin (monster)}} to the top of the Golbin (thieving) article.

The def=no parameter is optional.


{{otheruses|the Crafting skill|information on training Crafting|Crafting/Training}} gives:

This article is about the Crafting skill. For information on training Crafting, see Crafting/Training.

{{otheruses|the disambiguation template}}

This article is about the disambiguation template. For other uses, see Template:Otheruses/doc (disambiguation).

{{otheruses|def=no|the god of balance|Guthix}}

For the Volcanic Cave boss, see Malcs, the Guardian of Melvor.

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