Mod Creation/Enabling DevTools for the Steam Client

From Melvor Idle

For mod developers, it may be beneficial to enable DevTools within the Steam client. This can be achieved by following the process detailed below. This is a one off operation and does not need to be repeated, that is unless the Steam client is uninstalled or reinstalled.

  1. Download Melvor Idle on Steam, and find the installation folder. e.g. [...]/steamapps/common/Melvor Idle
    • Not sure where it's installed? Go to Melvor Idle in your Steam library, right click, and go to ManageBrowse local files.
  2. Download the NW.js SDK (Windows: v0.54.0; other OS: v0.49.2). The version might change in the future, but you need the specific one listed.
  3. Extract all zipped files.
  4. Place the contents of the nwjs-sdk* folder in the Melvor Idle installation folder.
    • The current contents of the nwjs-sdk-v0.54.0-win-x64 folder has 22 total items. Moving this to the Melvor Idle folder will overwrite over 100 existing files.
    • If it didn't ask you to overwrite any files then you did something wrong.
  5. Place the icons, styles, and source directories (i.e. scripts or sources) of the extracted extensions in the Melvor Idle installation folder.