Player Modifiers

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This page is out of date (v0.19).

Player Modifiers are various bonuses and penalties that are received from a number of different sources such as Mastery.svg Mastery, Equipment, Pets, and Agility (skill).svg Agility obstacles.


Modifiers of the same kind stack additively. For example, if a player who has unlocked Ty (pet).svg Ty (+3% Global Mastery XP) and is wearing an Ancient Ring of Mastery (item).svg Ancient Ring of Mastery (+7% Global Mastery XP) will receive a total of +10% Global Mastery XP.

Any penalties are subtracted from bonuses of the same type to get the total modifier. For example, if the above player also constructs a Water Trap Obstacle (-6% Global Mastery XP), their Global Mastery XP modifier will instead be +4%.

For modifiers that have a skill-specific variant, the skill-specific bonuses and penalties are also added to the global result when working with that specific skill. For example, a player with Ty (pet).svg Ty and an Ancient Ring of Mastery (item).svg Ancient Ring of Mastery who also has reached the [Agility#Mastery Pool Checkpoints|10% Mastery Pool Checkpoint]] for Agility (skill).svg Agility (+5% Agility Mastery XP) will receive a total of +15% Agility Mastery XP.

Additive vs Multiplicative

When describing how different bonuses stack, the terms 'additive' and 'multiplicative' are often used to explain how to combine them.

When two bonuses stack additively, the combined bonus is the sum of the first bonus and and the second bonus. For example, if a +10% bonus and a +20% bonus stack additively, the combined bonus will be +30%.

When two bonuses stack multiplicatively, the combined bonuses is instead

[math]\small{\begin{aligned} \text{Combined Bonus} = (1 + \text{Bonus 1}) * (1 + \text{Bonus 2}) \end{aligned}} - 1[/math]

If the same +10% bonus and +20% bonus stack multiplicatively instead, the combined bonus will be +32%. If both bonuses are positive (or if both are negative) and they stack multiplicatively, the combined effect will be larger than if they stacked additively.

List of Modifiers

The following list does not contain all possible bonuses, and although all of the below bonuses are defined in-game there may be some that are not currently in use.