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This page is up to date (v1.1.1).

Masochism is a community created Game Mode, where a player's character must follow a set of strict game rules. These game rules are designed to make the game more challenging, and to make players think about preparation, planning, and thinking ahead. In addition there are strong bank management aspects involved that can very easily punish mistakes.

The game mode itself is played in Adventure, so also carries with it all the limitations of this game mode.


Breaking any of these rules will void the challenge.

  • This game mode is played in Adventure
  • No xp or items are to be gained from the tutorial, you must skip it
  • No selling or alching of items (this includes the Leprechaun / Monkey synergy, and the Trading Post)
  • You also cannot "transmute" items via the Just Learning spell in Alternative Magic
  • Additionally, you cannot use any of the Rags to Riches spells
  • No killing of Plants, and no Lemons; once you have grown Potatoes via Farming, you may then kill Plants, and collect Lemons
  • You may not eat uncooked food ( Magic Fish do not count as cooked)
  • No fleeing from combat, you may only leave combat whilst the enemy is respawning
  • You may not leave a dungeon once you have started it, either you complete it, or you die
  • You may not "ignore" items in the looting container, you must loot everything
  • You may not use the "destroy loot" button
  • No abusing death mechanics to lose items intentionally (this extends to the loot container)
  • You may not equip a Gold Diamond Ring
  • After buying your first 8 bank slots, you can only buy them in multiples of 10
  • Once you get to God Dungeons and acquire Bank Slot Tokens, you must also use these in multiples of 10
  • You may not re-roll easy Slayer tasks; if you get a Plants task, you must re-roll it for another easy task
  • When on a Slayer task of any tier above easy, you cannot go back to easy until you've defeated at least one of your currently assigned target (after getting any required gear or levels)
  • If you run out of Slayer Coins, and have to roll an easy task, you cannot do so without defeating at least one of your currently assigned target (again, after getting any required gear or levels)
  • You may not buy Slayer resupplies
  • You may only use Township ticks in multiples of 12 (1 hour)
  • You may not buy items from, or sell items to, the Trading Post (you may however build one)
  • The below skill unlock order must be used

Additional rule regarding extensions: You may only use extensions that print out information, this is things like ETA and Combat Simulator. You may not use any modifications that can carry out game actions for you.

Additional rule regarding the expansion: Once you have purchased your first Max Cape, you may access expansion content freely. Though you must continue to follow the above rules, there are no additional rules as by this point you are sufficiently progressed they would be mostly meaningless.

All above rules are subject to update at any time, especially when a game update may change the way certain mechanics interact. Put simply this means new content is, in general, not to be interacted with in any way, until a ruling has been passed stating what you can and cannot do.

Skill Order

We start by opening up the Combat Triangle

  1. 10k: Ranged
  2. 25k: Magic

To provide an early goal, if you choose to go for it

  1. 50k: Summoning

Skills to make armour and weapons

  1. 200k: Runecrafting
  2. 250k: Smithing
  3. 400k: Crafting (hint : Gold Topaz Necklace)
  4. 1m: Fletching
  5. 2.5m: Cooking
  6. 10m: Astrology (hint: If you still need Aorpheat's Signet Ring, get it here)
  7. 25m: Firemaking

Open up the game, open up the GP!

  1. 50m: Slayer
  2. 100m: Herblore
  3. 200m: Township
  4. 500m: Prayer
  5. 500m: Agility

Gathering skills

  1. 500m: Woodcutting
  2. 500m: Fishing
  3. 500m: Mining
  4. 500m: Farming

And only because you will need it for completion..

  1. 500m: Thieving

Comments on the Skill Order

This mode does not use the least optimal, or worst, order as many have suggested; instead there is a general theme of:

  • Open up the Combat Triangle
  • Provide skills to make armour, and weapons
  • Provide some utility skills
  • Provide remaining odd skills that don't really fit anywhere else or needed a specific GP value
  • Provide ways to gather resources
  • Thieving


On deaths: You may die by mistake, you may not intentionally let yourself die. Reminder, you may not flee from any battle, either you die, or the enemy does.

On not fleeing: You may never run in the middle of a fight, you may only do so between battles. This is, if you wish to change which mob you are fighting then you must do so whilst it is respawning, after you have killed it, or after it has killed you. Reminder, you may not die intentionally, doing so essentially voids the challenge, you should aim to play as if this is Hardcore and death means your account is no more.

On looting: If you forget to loot items, or afk overnight and "lose" items, this is fine, just so long as you have at least one of every item that mob has dropped for you, in your bank. Additionally, once you have unlocked Loot Container Stacking from the Shop, you may not use the Loot Container to store items, you must still loot them.

On bank management: Yes, it is possible for you to paint yourself into a corner and fill your bank. As you may not sell or alch any items the only way to "get rid of stuff" is to use it somehow, but processing skills are intentionally ordered to make this difficult. If you somehow manage to paint yourself into a corner, your only way out is to kill something which you have already collected, and kept at least one of, every drop from, and can therefore safely store them all in your bank (because you already have those items) and gather up the GP to buy 10 bank spaces.

On skills: Many skills will be entirely unusable at the time you can unlock them, or even after you have done so. The skill order is designed in such a way to make you think about this order and if there are any better ways or orders you could be doing things. Many other skills are not unusable but are simply very difficult to get going and as such should be considered as huge time, and possibly GP, investments. There is no need to use or even level an unlocked skill before unlocking the next one. You could if you wish unlock all the way up to Thieving before levelling Ranged, this however, is not the point of the mode.

On rules: The rules for this mode are not exhaustive, and do not mention anything which would typically be seen as against the rules in any game mode (save-scumming, console interaction, etc). If at any point you question whether what you are doing is ok, or if you're simply not sure a rule above prohibits a certain action, then what you want to do is likely against the rules. Do not cheat, you're only ruining the mode for yourself, and potentially others.

Finally, no one person is the arbiter of this game mode. If the prevailing view of the community playing this mode is that something is against the spirit of the challenge, then it is that view you should follow.

Day 0 Guide

Initially you will start with a Bronze Sword and 10 Shrimp, these should be enough to get you through the early levels on Chickens or possibly Cows. Following this, and possibly with some food remaining, you should aim to work towards getting some armour and maybe a better weapon. At this point you probably need more bank spaces so invest in your first 8. Reminder, after this you may only buy them in 10s.

Now, what you need is to simultaneously train your stats, better your gear, and increase your bank space so that you can safely combat the Sweaty Monster. This monster will be your food source for a long time, and can drop 18 different items, so it is likely you will need to buy 20 bank slots, get used to killing stuff for tiny GP drops.

After this, the rest of the game is up to you.

Good Luck.

Tips and Tricks for early Bank Management

Side Quest Recommendations

Due to the extended length of some of the grinds in this mode, a lot of players have filled these with side quests or secondary content that isn't necessary, but will further future goals or make future content simpler. This section lists a few of these, all combat focused, as well as the times you could be focusing on them. Note that none of these will be simple side quests, they will all require proper consideration, because they will have an affect on your progress.


Masochism mode was first developed by Gnome#9828, initially as a way to hugely extend the time spent in the early and mid game, and as a panacea to the way Thieving is unlocked so early in Adventure mode. Since then, it has evolved only slightly, with modifications to the above rules and skill order, to better facilitate a community-driven game mode. Changes to the game mode are frequently discussed in the Adventure Mode Chat on the Discord server, and many changes have come through via community decision.