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The Melvor Map was added in version v0.10 as an attempt to deepen the world and story of Melvor, and add more context to the player's adventure. After testing from v0.10 to v0.12, the map was ultimately removed from Melvor in v0.13.

According to Malcs:

  • The map was supposed to be expanded upon with the release of new Combat Areas and Dungeons.
  • The map was supposed to change climates as you moved up the map, moving from cold to hot. The top of the map was never made, but it most likely would've been some form of hot/firey area with the Volcanic Cave, Infernal Stronghold, and Fire God Dungeon.
  • The circular icy area at the bottom of the map was supposed to house one of the four Gods of Melvor, assumedly Glacia due to her icy nature.
The removed map of Melvor