Into the Mist

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This article is about the dungeon. For the special attack, see Into the Mist (attack).
Into the Mist
Into the Mist (dungeon).svg
Dungeon ID: 15
Difficulty: Insane
Slayer (skill).svg Level 90
Fire God Dungeon (dungeon).svg Fire God Dungeon Completed
20 Question.svg Afflicted Monster
1 Mysterious Figure - Phase 1 (monster).svg Mysterious Figure - Phase 1
1 Mysterious Figure - Phase 2 (monster).svg Mysterious Figure - Phase 2
1 Ahrenia (monster).svg Ahrenia
Pablo (pet).svg Pablo
Pet Drop Chance:
Guaranteed after 5 clears

Into the Mist is the penultimate Dungeon in Melvor Idle. It differs from other dungeons in several respects, and presents a serious challenge even to players with max stats and optimal gear.


Name Combat Level Hitpoints Max Hit Combat Style Count
Question.svg Afflicted Monster Question.svg Question.svg Question.svg Question.svg 20
Mysterious Figure - Phase 1 (monster).svg Mysterious Figure - Phase 1 922 9,900 600 Combat.svg Melee 1
Mysterious Figure - Phase 2 (monster).svg Mysterious Figure - Phase 2 922 9,900 772 Ranged (skill).svg Ranged 1
Ahrenia (monster).svg Ahrenia 922 9,900 800 Magic (skill).svg Magic 1

Afflicted Monsters

The first twenty monsters in the dungeon are Afflicted versions of randomly chosen monsters between Combat Level 165 and 677. Aside from monsters from Dark Waters (combatArea).svg Dark Waters, Legaran Wurm (monster).png Legaran Wurm, and Cursed Lich (monster).png Cursed Lich, any monster in that range can be chosen including boss monsters from other dungeons.

These monsters have all their normal stats and special attacks, but are stronger in two ways: They gain +20% Damage Reduction, and they become Afflicted, causing their attacks to apply a special status effect on the player.

If the monster is originally from a Slayer Area with an Area Effect, that effect will not apply as combat is not happening in that area.

The Final Boss

After defeating 20 Afflicted Monsters, the player must defeat all three phases of the boss. Each phase uses a specific combat style and can only be damaged if the player is using the same style. This means that purchasing the Dungeon Equipment Swapping upgrade from the Shop.svg Shop is mandatory for completing this dungeon.

Before each phase, combat will be paused to allow the player a chance to read over the boss's special abilities and change their equipment set. Once players are ready, they start the phase by clicking a button.


Afflicted Monsters and all three final boss phases can apply a special status effect called Affliction when they hit the player. Each attack or special attack that the enemy uses, regardless of whether the attack hits or misses the player, has a 70% chance of applying a stack of Affliction, up to a maximum of 50 stacks. Special attacks that hit more than once will only apply a single stack.

For each stack of affliction, the player's max HP is reduced by 1%. When the cap of 50 stacks is reached, this will leave the player at only half max HP. Critically, this will also impact the player's Auto Eat threshold, potentially causing them to be in danger while fighting monsters they could normally safely idle.

Affliction stacks are cleared after each monster is defeated or when the player leaves combat whether due to death or fleeing.


Into the Mist provides several rewards: