Farming Estate

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This page is up to date (v1.1.1).

Farming Estate
Farming Estate
Building ID: melvorTotH:Farming_Estate
Type: Gathering
Township Level 100
Population 6000
Base Cost:
Stone 4050, Bar 600, Rune Essence 1200, Planks 1200
Provides: Happiness -10
Base Production per Workers:
Food +84.375/t (Workers 10)
Grasslands Grasslands
Forest Forest
Arid Plains Arid Plains
Valley Valley

The Farming Estate is a Township building that produces Food. It is mainly used for initial food production, before the player eventually switches to using Fishermans Dock-type buildings and Orchards. This building has no biome-specific production penalties, unlike the downgraded versions of this building.

The competing food buildings are the Fishermans Estate, the Orchard and the Farmers Market.

This building and its upgrades have 6.67% less production than the equivalent Fishermans Dock-type buildings. However, Farmland-type buildings are better in the Valley biome due to a 10% production bonus in this biome. As the highest tier of buildings are unaffected by biome bonuses and penalties, the Fishermans Estate always produces more than the Farming Estate.

The Farming Estate produces as much food as the Orchard, but the Orchard will benefit from a 10% production bonus in the Jungle biome, whereas the Farming Estate does not benefit from any bonuses.

The Farmers Market is generally only optimal with a very large Population in the order of 30,000.

Upgrade Chart

Name Farmland Plantation Mill Farming Estate
Requirements Township Level 1
Population 1
Township Level 15
Population 200
Township Level 60
Population 2500
Township Level 100
Population 6000
Cost Wood 100, Stone 76 Stone 150, Planks 250 Stone 1350, Bar 300, Rune Essence 200, Planks 600 Stone 4050, Bar 600, Rune Essence 1200, Planks 1200
Benefits Happiness -10 Happiness -10 Happiness -10 Happiness -10
Base Production per Workers Food +56.25/t (Workers 5) Food +84.375/t (Workers 5) Food +84.375/t (Workers 7) Food +84.375/t (Workers 10)
Biome Production Modifiers Forest Forest (+5%)
Arid Plains Arid Plains (-5%)
Valley Valley (+10%)
Forest Forest (+5%)
Arid Plains Arid Plains (-5%)
Valley Valley (+10%)
Forest Forest (+5%)
Arid Plains Arid Plains (-5%)
Valley Valley (+10%)

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