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This page is out of date (v1.0).

Weapons have an attack interval, which in the game is called its Attack Speed. This is the amount of time it takes for the player to attack the enemy, and thus affects the rate at which you can kill enemies. For farming weaker enemies it's usually better to have faster weapons at the cost of damage, since you may kill the enemy in a single hit anyway.



Most of the fastest weapons in the game are daggers with an attack speed of 2.2s, although the Twin Exiles is a notable exception, with a rate of 2.0s. Note that currently the strongest weapon of attack speed 2.6s is the Infernal Claw for weaker monsters, tied in speed with the Darksteel Dagger... which deals damage over time based on the enemy's max HP. If you're farming God Dungeons, your best bet is to use the dagger.

Ranged and Magic

For ranged combat, the fastest weapons are the shortbows at 2.6s, and for magic your best bet is to use one of the Magic Wands (,, ) or Imbued Wands (,,,) until you have the Ocean Song.

Additional Modifiers

Interval Reduction

Item Bonus Source Slot Notes
Elder Crown -0.1s Elder Vampire in Shrouded Badlands Head Also provides life steal
Sand Treaders -0.1s Turkul Riders in Arid Plains Boots
Knight's Defender -0.1s Thieving the Knight Offhand Only melee!!
Otto -0.1s Dark Waters Pet

Interval Increase

Item Bonus Source Slot Notes
Guardian Amulet +10% Earth Chest from Earth God Dungeon Necklace +20% instead if you're under 50% HP.
Poison Virulence Ring +20% Upgrading Deadeye Amulet Ring Effect is applied when in Synergy
Poison Virulence Gloves Upgrading Aeris God Gloves Hands
Spiked Shell Ring +10% Upgrading Guardian Ring Ring