Clue Chasers Insignia

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Clue Chasers Insignia
Clue Chasers Insignia (item).svg
Created by Patreon (Clue Scrolls)
10% increased chance to receive Global Rare Items, Mastery Tokens, Bird Nests from Woodcutting, Gems from Mining, and Coal from Firemaking.
Item ID: 680
Category: Combat
Type: Armour
Sells For: Coins.svg 0
Equipment Slot: Amulet

+10% increased chance to receive an off-item (An item from a skill that is not the main resource you are gathering)

Item Sources:
Item Uses:
Part of 100% Completion: Yes

Clue Chasers Insignia gives +10% chance to receive an off-item (an item from a skill that is not the main resource you are gathering). For example, when Woodcutting (skill).svg Woodcutting, it gives an increase chance of Bird Nest (item).svg Bird Nests and Mastery Token (Woodcutting) (item).svg Woodcutting Mastery Tokens. It does not give you a non-Woodcutting item while Woodcutting.

Item Sources

The Clue Chasers Insignia is an Easter Egg item acquired through a special method. It also requires a specific quantity of the following items in the bank, no more and no less: Maple Logs (item).svg 42, Redwood Logs (item).svg 23, Raw Swordfish (item).svg 16, Raw Crab (item).svg 15, Herring (item).svg 8, Burnt Cave Fish (item).svg 4.

Check Easter Eggs for more info.

Item Source
Maple Logs (item).svg Maple Logs
Killing: Wet Monster (monster).svg,Moist Monster (monster).svg,Sweaty Monster (monster).svg
Opening: Pile of Logs (item).png
Growing: Maple Tree Seeds (item).svg
Pickpocketing: Cyclops (thieving).svg,Golbin Chief (thieving).svg,Lumberjack (thieving).svg
Woodcutting (skill).svg Level 45
Redwood Logs (item).svg Redwood Logs
Opening: Pile of Logs (item).png
Pickpocketing: Lumberjack (thieving).svg
Woodcutting (skill).svg Level 90
Raw Swordfish (item).svg Raw Swordfish
Pickpocketing: Fisherman (thieving).svg
Fishing (skill).svg Level 50
Raw Crab (item).svg Raw Crab
Killing: Giant Crab (monster).svg
Pickpocketing: Fisherman (thieving).svg
Fishing (skill).svg Level 60
Herring (item).svg Herring
Upgrading: Herring (Perfect) (item).png
Pickpocketing: Assistant Cook (thieving).svg
Cooking (skill).svg Level 10
Burnt Cave Fish (item).svg Burnt Cave Fish
Killing: Tentacle (monster).svg

Applicable Items

The Clue Chasers Insignia bonus chance only applies to the following items:

Inapplicable Items

The Clue Chasers Insignia does not apply to any other drops, including:


Clue Chasers Insignia does not provide any stat bonuses in combat.