Christmas Event 2020

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Introduced in V0.18.1, the 2020 Christmas Event ran from the 23rd to the 30th of December, 2020. The event was similar to the 2020 April Fool's Event, in that players would open presents by scratching a tile to reveal the gift inside. Each player would initially have 10 presents, with another present being added for each 10 minutes of play time. The event introduced 7 items and a pet which were only obtainable while the event was active.

Upon opening a present, the player would either reveal a joke tile, acquire a random item from a selection of items (including one of six event specific items available from presents), or unlock the event specific pet: Ripper the Reindeer. The full list of available items is listed below.

One of the event specific items, the Friendship Bracelet, cannot be found by opening presents. Instead, this item can be found by first acquiring a Christmas Cracker from presents, following which the player must select the Christmas Cracker within the bank and click the "Find a Friend" button when the time is 04:20 UTC or 16:20 UTC. If the player is successful they will be notified that they have found a friend and the Friendship Bracelet will be added to the bank. However, if unsuccessful the player will instead be notified that no friends were found and they will not receive the bracelet.

  • Christmas Event 2020
  • Acquiring the Friendship Bracelet

Present Drops