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This page is up to date (v1.1.1).

Note: As of V0.17.0, the bot has been discontinued in favour of automating page updates using Lua modules.

Coolrox95 created a bot for the wiki. The main purpose of the bot is to upload all the item and monster pages to the wiki, and maintain them as needed. The source code for the bot can be found here (Forked from the original bot);


The goal of the wiki bot is to:

  • Automatically fill out the wiki using the game's code and objects.
  • Automatically update changed images.
  • Make sure proper templates, categories and menus are added to each page.

V0.16.1 Changes Required

  • Import new global game data variables from page scope into content script scope
  • Add item uses for things used in new magic
  • Add alt magic as an item source
  • Add item sources for crown components
  • Create pages for new spell types and rework Template:Spell to include combo runes
  • Create maintenance functions for new spell type pages
  • Upload art for new spell types
  • Create tables for new spell types (Auroras, Curses, Ancient Magicks, Alt-magic)
  • Create tables for new runecrafting sections (Combo runes, stave+wands, air,water,earth and fire gear)
  • Create pages for pets
  • Create maintenance functions for pet pages
  • Upload art for pets
  • Add pets and new spell types to page disambiguation code to prevent edit conflicts
  • Add feathers and party hat to shop materials
  • Add prerequisite dungeons to dungeon pages. requiresCompletion: DungeonID in DUNGEONS array.


  • Add bones as a loot source to item source templates
  • Add Mastery token sources to item source templates
  • Fetch and parse each page to detect if proper categories, templates and menus are used.
  • Automatically create disambiguation pages for bot generated pages with name conflicts

Current Features

  • Create pages and maintain their templates
  • Creates Item source templates for each item, and maintains them.
  • Create pages for each Monster and maintain their templates
    • Fills in the Monster Template
    • Currently some monsters are named the same while having a different ID. This has been resolved by adding combat level to the page names for monsters with duplicate names
  • Create pages for each Combat Area, Slayer Area and Dungeon and maintain their templates
  • Create pages for each Prayer and maintain their templates
  • Create pages for each Standard Spell, Aurora, Curse, Alt. Magic and Ancient Magick, and maintains their templates
  • Creates pages for each Pet and maintains their templates
  • Create pages for some Shop Upgrades and maintains their templates
  • Create template pages for auto-generated tables.
  • Uploads/Updates images for Dungeons, Combat Areas, Slayer Areas, Items, Monsters, Spells, Upgrades, Prayers and Pets.
  • Updates bot generated pages without interfering with user added descriptions, and detects if the underlying data has changed.
    • If the data has not changed or if the page does not contain any user made content, the game version of the page is automatically updated.

Feel free to add tasks or remarks to this page.