April Fools 2021

From Melvor Idle

The April Fools event for 2021 introduced the Chaos Game Mode. New characters could be created for this game mode until April 11th, 2021, and could continue to be played until v0.21.


CHAOS MODE is an all new limited gamemode for you to try! Coming equipped with an array of fun mechanics and features for you to mess around with.

The idea behind Chaos Mode is to get as far as you can in the shortest amount of time. I personally won't track the time, but the Gamemode will only be playable for a few weeks.

The rules of CHAOS MODE are simple:

  • Item Corruption is unlocked
  • 25% Interval Reduction on all Skills and Attack Speeds (Including Enemy)
  • All Enemies you face will have at least 1 random Passive
  • All equipped items are lost on Death
  • Same Combat Triangle as Hardcore & Adventure Mode
  • Golbin Raid is not available
  • Don't fight a Chicken

Item Corruption

Item Corruption is only available in CHAOS MODE.

You are given the power to use the Weapons & Gear you make or find, and turn them into completely random modifiers that either benefit you, or make your adventure a living hell.

Item Corruptions are applied to a Combat Equipment Slot, and are permanent as long as you don't roll another modifier. This means you have 10 "slots" to add random corruptions to.

These Item Corruptions cost GP to perform, equal to the value of the Item. There is a chance for the item to be destroyed, because why not? Corruptions are also based on a tier system, where the higher tier modifiers provide larger bonuses, as well as having more modifiers active at once.

Here is the tier list:

Tier Base Item Value # random modifiers Modifier Value range Chance to destroy item
Tier 1 < 200 GP 1 Low (+/-30) 40%
Tier 2 < 10K GP 2 Medium (+/-50) 30%
Tier 3 < 400K GP 3 High (+/-75) 20%
Tier 4 >= 400K GP 4 Very High (+/-99) 10%

The item must be equipped to the respective Equipment Slot for a corruption to be applied. You don't need to keep the item in that slot to keep the Corruption though.

Other Silly Nonsense

In true April Fools fashion, there is a bunch of other silly nonsense through the game. Have fun with this!