23 Days of Melvor

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23 Days of Melvor was a contest that ran from December 1st, 2021 through December 23rd, 2021. Each day of the contest highlighted a different skill and players submitted their best fan creations.

The winner for each day received the 'Skill Master' title on Discord for the appropriate skill.


Day 1: Attack - "he attac" by scaarta

23DoM Day 1.png

Day 2: Strength - "all my homies hate melee training" by Mr_Prismatic

23DoM Day 2.png

Day 3: Defense - "level up your defense y'all" by elverange766

Defense is most likely the most important combat skill. It gives you access to better armor, which is armor with more Damage Reduction [DR].

You can clear most dungeons with a bronze scimitar given enough food and decent armor. On the other hand, even with the best weapon in the game, without proper armor you don't stand a chance against midgame dungeons or higher no matter how much food you have.

High DR is required for idling mid to endgame dungeons and monsters so it is crucial not to overlook defense training.

Likewise, the defense pet gives 1% DR which matters a lot more than you would think. It's by far one of the best (if not the best) pet in the game and can mean the difference between life and death in many situations.

You can use CanIIdle from Silber to see how DR impacts your ability to idle any monster or dungeon.

TLDR: level up your defense y'all.

Day 4: Ranged - "Remember to show ranged some love as well" by skauert and fery017

23DoM Day 4.gif

Day 5: Magic - "they dont make ocean songs like they used to anymore" by NFU2

23DoM Day 5.jpg

Day 6: Prayer - "A few handy sources of prayer points" by Hygienic_Sucrose

A few handy sources of prayer points depending on where you're at in the game:

  1. Skeleton Fish! Level your fishing skill, making sure to focus on the Special Item chance. Once you receive a Message In A Bottle, you can use it to access the Secret Area, and with 45 Fishing skill, catch Skeleton Fish. At level 99 item mastery and the skillcape, you're getting on average 9,000 prayer points per hour at minimum, before any other bonuses. Not too shabby for something that's AFK and risk-free.
  2. Alt. Magic! At level 56 Magic you can cast Blessed Offering to create 3x Holy Dust. This casts every 2 seconds, resulting in 16,200 prayer points per hour. That said, you do need to make the runes for this (2x Nature, 1x Earth) so that slows it down a little but if you work on RC first then you can nicely synergise the two skills. Some people prefer to keep the Holy Dust for other purposes, but either way it's a simple source of both prayer points and Magic experience.
  3. Thieving from Trolls! Less effective for prayer points, but at 450 perception you can easily get 100% success rate on them. One of their area uniques is the Stack Of Bones which on average gives 140.5 prayer points worth of various bones. Can be nice for those looking to level thieving or trying to stock up on their other items like eyeballs.
  4. Slayer shop! This one takes a bit more time and gear (and risk) than the others, but once you're there you're golden. Essentially, at high combat and slayer levels, doing auto-slayer with prayers on can result in a net positive prayer points generated. How? By using your collected Slayer Coins and trading them in for a Generous Resupply, you can get 1 prayer point per 2 Slayer Coins. As long as each kill in auto-slayer is giving you (on average) more than twice in SC than the amount of prayer points you use, you can happily sit there training prayer without having to go out and get more from other sources. Bonus: you also get food, runes, and ammo from the resupplies!

Day 7: Slayer - "Real melvorians listen to this on spotify" by NerdicusTheGreat

23DoM Day 7.png

Day 8: Woodcutting - "Woodcutting is one of your primary gathering skills in Melvor" by AnimageCGF

Woodcutting is one of your primary gathering skills in Melvor; as it requires no resources to get started other than having bank space for your drops.

Upgrading axes gives you a shorter interval between cuts on trees (Level 1, 10, 20, 35, 50, 60, 80) and Multi-Tree from the shop allows you to cut more than 1 tree at a time. These are all huge upgrades but require significant GP to purchase each interval reduction (2 million GP for the level 80 axe, and 1 million gp for Multi-cut).

I recommend starting wood cutting after you have some sort of gp flow started already, as your logs have uses in fletching for bows/ammo, and more importantly - getting firemaking done for the huge 5% skill xp boost. Getting woodcutting started early will also open up farming, as bird's nests(contain seeds required to grow crops) drop at 0.5% per action. Farming should be started super early as the skill takes some time to advance versus power leveling your other skills.

Other boosts to woodcutting include: Master of Nature (Further interval reduction but having to complete a near end-game dungeon), lumberjack's top (wood cutting mastery xp boost and birds nests drops), bird's nest potions (higher % drops for birds nests), the ent summoning familiar. There are also 2 Agility obstacles that affect woodcutting, one of which is very early into Agility that gives you further interval reduction (Stepping stones - Also boosts firemaking if you do that right after wood cutting!).

Cutting magic trees can be good for gp if you're desperate for gp, and the end of woodcutting leveling brings you Redwood - Needed for one of the better gp earners (Fletching Dragon Javelins).

Woodcutting is one of the more iconic Melvor/OSRS skills and is one of the core skills that help teach you exactly how skills synergize across the game. Just don't think about the environmental repercussions for chopping down millions of our oxygen producing friends.

Day 9: Fishing - "Surely its today" by tm00110

23DoM Day 9.jpg

Day 10: Firemaking - "firemaking is like exercising" by corpestomp

Controlled heat potions automatically relight bonfires and now work offline! They aren’t strictly necessary but are very valuable. Sure you need to do some woodcutting and herblore and farming- but woodcutting drops nests to get your farming started.

It’s a cruel joke by(I’m assuming Prat because it’s always Prat) that devil tablets are 90 summoning, but if you’re there, mole+devil synergy gives you 10% chance for diamonds! You can even use the coal and diamonds you get to make more tablets. That’s what I call value! There’s also diamond chance from astrology if you’ve invested some time there too.

Your reward for the slog to 99? 5% more exp from a cape. And just maybe a baby fire pet for another 1%.

TL;DR firemaking is like exercising. Feels bad while you do it, but worth it.

Day 11: Cooking - "Give a man a fish" by Phayz6

23DoM Day 11.jpg

Day 12: Mining - "All I Want For Christmas Is Coal" by TheAccountOfLazerous

23DoM Day 12.jpg

Day 13: Smithing - "They hated him because He told the truth" by StephyBloops

23DoM Day 13.png

Day 14: Thieving - "I come to you today to share my Thieving GP (And XP) Calculator" by Nomeru

The winner for day 14 is this spreadsheet by Nomeru.

Day 15: Farming - "Best skill in the game: Farming" by Marubayashi

Alright boys and gals, sit around while I teach ya'll about the best skill in the game: Farming.

You sneaky folks might argue towards Thieving while those pesky mages up on them high towers will certainly say it's magic and shiny stonemaking (Runecrafting, I think they call it).

But alas, it's Farming. Nothing beats the smell of passive food gains, the joy of harvesting crates loaded up with herbs (those mages can mock my old ways, but their alchemists are always running low on the greens) and, oh, the beautiful sight of growing yer own trees, which is quite a sight for sore eyes (especially if you're an adventurous lad like me).

Dropping the old man act, time to bring up some numbers and facts:

Doesn't matter if you're a normie, an adventure or a hardcore, Farming got you covered. You don't need to sink time into it, since it pretty much trains on its own. All you'll need are seeds to get those sweet sweet passive (aka free, since time is money).

To have an even better experience, There are some key pieces of equipment that I strongly suggest you farm (get it? Hehe):

Bob's Rake = rare drop from Master Farmers, which also drop useful seeds;

Bob's Gloves = unique item drop from thieving Bob, who, guess what, also drips seeds from his loose pockets (Cor blimey, what are ye doing in my pockets!).

The rake alone, when equipped, will make sure that your plots stay composted half the time after a harvest. Comboing it with the glove, you'll get an additional 25% chance, pretty much negating the early game cost involved in compost purchases.

Speaking of compost, let's get down to business:

Weird gloop >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Compost

The math here is simple. It takes 10 rune essence and 2 compost to buy a weird gloop. Filling a plot's compost bar requires either 5 Compost or 1 Gloop. Plus, gloop further raises your yield by 10%.

All in all, try your hard on Farming. It's a really chill, fastly rewarding and easily mastered skill that often doesn't get its deserved praise. Happy farming!

Day 16: Fletching - "Make javelins actually useable" by Allmyognamestaken

23DoM Day 16.png

Day 17: Crafting - "I 'crafted' a hat for Chio" by debbiepebble

23DoM Day 17.jpg

Day 18: Runecrafting - "The essence of turning this...into this..." by Taltos-Sotlat

23DoM Day 18.png

Day 18: Honorary Mention - "RC in OSRS RC in Melvor" by Allmyognamestaken

Since Allmyognamestaken had already won on day 16, they only received an Honorable Mention for their Day 18 submission
23DoM Day 18 HM.png

Day 19: Herblore - "Hope you didnt sell those seeds for bank space" by Yuri_Revenger

By far one of the more important skills in Melvor: from starting off with Birds Nest, to Controlled Heat Potions, Damage Reduction and finally down to Diamond Luck potions. Herblore is one of the few non-combat skills that is offered its own equipment slot. Being able to use them in the offline portion of the game is a huge quality of life upgrade. Putting in the work to make your potions Tier IV will pay off in huge dividends. It is important to note that sometimes increasing your potions from a lower Tier to a higher will result in fewer charges overall, so if you are not short on space I would just keep using the lower ones first.

Hope you didnt sell those seeds for bank space!

Day 20: Agility - "If you ever feel useless" by ScamperNZ

23DoM Day 20.png

Day 21: Summoning - "Synergy" by KashyKats (Petora)

The winning submission was a YouTube video which you can find here.

Day 22: Alt. Magic - "Untitled" by AjCheeze

Alt magic seems like a waste at low levels. It takes runecrafting 40 to get started. You can blast 135 damage firebolts before you can turn your items into rune essence or sell them for less than they are worth with alchemy 1. So Might as well use those runes for farming some combat encounters considering magic is strong vs melee you get a great advantage to whatever you want to farm. 56 and higher is where i think it starts to get useful. Holy dust is aqward to get for potions and summons. Or its 9 prayer points not the worst use of your time. The higher ones are also good but i havent got there to say much more.

Day 23: Astrology - "Astrology guide for starters and late game" by Squalidae_

The latest skill addition and with that, the best starter skill to boost your account and set it up for later parts.

It's easy to get in to, with no requirements, yet the most difficult to master (all 5% buffs on specifics). With great diversity on the different constellations and buffs to choose from, you can pick what's right for you.


  • To start off this skill, rush to level 99 as fast as possible for the cape, golden dust is very slow to gain and there's some really strong buffs to obtain.
  • Next up, work towards 99 masteries on every constellation to unlock all of your buff slots.
  • Don't forget, mastery pool exp goes up for everything related to that skill by leveling others.
    This means; If you have Deedree on 99 mastery, you'll get more mastery and mastery pool experience with Iridan as well.
    So be sure to level up the mastery levels for the others early on to further boost your progression.
  • Make sure to keep your Mastery Pool above 50% at all times!
    It gives you +0.2% chance to find some juicy Golden Stardust, which may not seem like a big increase, but it all adds up over time.


Now that you've got some solid progression in, you're probably wondering when you can start the fun part, gambling rolling for useful buffs.

There's Standard Modifiers and Unique Modifiers

  • You can roll for some buffs early on, but I'd urge to only use the 1 cost "Reroll All Standard / Unique Modifiers".
  • Once you're at 99 masteries, make sure you have your Mastery Pool up to at least 95% for the "-50% Cost to reroll specific Modifiers" active.
  • Check the buffs that're possible and decide what you're going for.
  • Use the Reroll 1 cost until you land 1 of the desired buffs on 5%.

This way you're using 3 slots and only 1 dust to get a quick 5% for the cheapest price.

  • Do this on each Constellation to have your baseline all set up.
  • Now comes the expensive part, specific rolls.
  • With the odds mentioned before and specific rolls costing 15 dust per roll, you can imagine this adds up real fast.
    Due to this, I use a 3-4-5 method.
    Example; I want 5% accuracy on Iridan, so I did the 1 cost trick to get my first 5% sorted.
    Now I want the other 2 as well.
    I specific roll on the 2nd slot until I hit a 3% or above and then move on to the 3rd slot until I do the same.
    After that, I roll for 4% or above and repeat the same process.
  • I advise to even it out over constellations and buffs, but this way you'll get a broad targeted range of buffs that actually suit your needs.

Conclusion: It might seem daunting and takes a fair bit of time to get sorted, but it'll allow you for a much faster progression for everything else you do after this.

TL;DR - Dank skill, much buffs, wow dust, crippling gambling addiction to roll for 5%'s please send help I need more accuracy I only have +96%.