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This page is out of date (v1.0.2).
This article is about the Woodcutting skill. For training the skill, see Woodcutting/Training.

Woodcutting is used to gather logs which are used in Firemaking (skill).svg Firemaking and Fletching (skill).svg Fletching. Each Woodcutting action has a 0.5% chance to obtain a Bird Nest (item).svg Bird Nest. This chance can be increased by using Bird Nest Potion IV (item).svg Bird Nest Potions and Clue Chasers Insignia (item).svg Clue Chaser's Insignia. Raising Woodcutting to Woodcutting Level 99 will unlock the Woodcutting Skillcape (item).svg Woodcutting Skillcape for purchase from the Shop. Equipping the Woodcutting Skillcape reduces the time required to cut logs by 15% of the base cut time.

Purchasing the Master of Nature (upgrade).svg Master of Nature god upgrade reduces the time to cut a log by 15%.

Mastery Unlocks

Item Mastery Unlocks

Level Unlock
10 Every 10 levels provides +5% chance to receive 2x Logs per action.
99 Decreased cut interval by 0.2s for this Tree.

Mastery Pool Checkpoints

Pool % Pool XP Bonus
10% 450,000 xp +5% increased Woodcutting Mastery XP
25% 1,125,000 xp +5% increased chance to receive double Logs per action
50% 2,250,000 xp All Logs sell for +50% GP Value
95% 4,275,000 xp When you receive a Birds Nest, always receive a base minimum of 2.
Total Mastery Pool XP 4,500,000


The skillcape can be purchased from the store for Coins.svg 1,000,000 after the player reaches Woodcutting Level 99.

Skillcape Name Effect
Woodcutting Skillcape (item).svg Woodcutting Skillcape -15% Woodcutting Interval


The pet can be unlocked by doing any Woodcutting action. The increased chance to double logs stacks additively with other double item chance bonuses rather than being a separate roll.

Pet Name Effect
Beavis (pet).png Beavis +5% Chance to Double Items in Woodcutting

Axe Upgrades

Woodcutting upgrades can be purchased from the shop. There are several axe upgrades, which provide an increase to Woodcutting speed and a Multi-Tree (upgrade).svg Multi-Tree upgrade, which grants the ability to chop down two different trees at the same time. The bonuses provided by these upgrades are permanently active once purchased, they do not need to be equipped or otherwise enabled.

Cut Time Decrease
Name Woodcutting (skill).svg Level Cost This Axe Total
Iron Axe (upgrade).svg Iron Axe 1 Coins.svg 50 -5% -5%
Steel Axe (upgrade).svg Steel Axe 10 Coins.svg 750 -5% -10%
Black Axe (upgrade).svg Black Axe 20 Coins.svg 2,500 -10% -20%
Mithril Axe (upgrade).svg Mithril Axe 35 Coins.svg 10,000 -10% -30%
Adamant Axe (upgrade).svg Adamant Axe 50 Coins.svg 50,000 -5% -35%
Rune Axe (upgrade).svg Rune Axe 60 Coins.svg 200,000 -5% -40%
Dragon Axe (upgrade).svg Dragon Axe 80 Coins.svg 2,000,000 -10% -50%
Upgrade Name Woodcutting (skill).svg Level Description Cost
Multi-Tree (upgrade).svg Multi-Tree 1 Cut 2 different trees simultaneously Coins.svg 1,000,000


Tree Logs Woodcutting (skill).svg Level XP Cut Time XP/s GP/s
Normal Tree (tree).svg Normal Tree Normal Logs (item).svg Normal Logs 1 10 3s 3.33 Coins.svg 0.33
Oak Tree (tree).svg Oak Tree Oak Logs (item).svg Oak Logs 10 15 4s 3.75 Coins.svg 1.25
Willow Tree (tree).svg Willow Tree Willow Logs (item).svg Willow Logs 25 22 5s 4.40 Coins.svg 2.00
Teak Tree (tree).svg Teak Tree Teak Logs (item).svg Teak Logs 35 30 6s 5.00 Coins.svg 3.33
Maple Tree (tree).svg Maple Tree Maple Logs (item).svg Maple Logs 45 40 8s 5.00 Coins.svg 4.38
Mahogany Tree (tree).svg Mahogany Tree Mahogany Logs (item).svg Mahogany Logs 55 60 10s 6.00 Coins.svg 5.00
Yew Tree (tree).svg Yew Tree Yew Logs (item).svg Yew Logs 60 80 12s 6.67 Coins.svg 6.25
Magic Tree (tree).svg Magic Tree Magic Logs (item).svg Magic Logs 75 100 20s 5.00 Coins.svg 20.00
Redwood Tree (tree).svg Redwood Tree Redwood Logs (item).svg Redwood Logs 90 180 15s 12.00 Coins.svg 1.67


The Bird Nest Potion can be used to increase the chance of a Bird Nest (item).svg Bird Nest dropping.

Potion Tier Charges Effect
Bird Nest Potion I (item).svg I 50 +5% Chance for Bird Nests to drop in Woodcutting
Bird Nest Potion II (item).svg II 50 +10% Chance for Bird Nests to drop in Woodcutting
Bird Nest Potion III (item).svg III 75 +15% Chance for Bird Nests to drop in Woodcutting
Bird Nest Potion IV (item).svg IV 100 +30% Chance for Bird Nests to drop in Woodcutting

Summoning Boosts

This table shows all the Summoning (skill).svg Summoning Familiars and Synergies that provide a bonus to Woodcutting.

Skill Boosts

This table lists most sources of Woodcutting-specific modifier boosts. For a list of boosts that apply to all skills, see the Skill Boosts page. This list does not contain boosts provided from Mastery.svg Mastery rewards.