Woodcutting is used to gather logs, which are used primarily in Firemaking and Fletching.

This page is up to date (v1.2.2).
This article is about the Woodcutting skill. For training the skill, see Woodcutting/Training.


Click on a tree to begin cutting it down. Each time the listed interval for that tree elapses, one log for that tree will be added to the player's Bank. Additional items such as   Bird Nests may be acquired as well. Unlike   Mining nodes, trees do not have a "node HP" value and can be cut indefinitely.

A tree that is actively being cut will be highlighted in green. With the   Multi-Tree upgrade, up to two different trees can be cut at once. See the Multi-Tree page for more detailed information.



Tree Logs Requirements XP Cut Time XP/s GP/s
  Normal Tree   Normal Logs   Level 1 10 3s 3.33   0.33
  Oak Tree   Oak Logs   Level 10 15 4s 3.75   1.25
  Willow Tree   Willow Logs   Level 25 22 5s 4.40   2.00
  Teak Tree   Teak Logs   Level 35 30 6s 5.00   3.33
    Unholy Tree   Unholy Logs   Level 40
Discover   Ritual Site
75 9s 8.33   5.00
  Maple Tree   Maple Logs   Level 45 40 8s 5.00   4.38
  Mahogany Tree   Mahogany Logs   Level 55 60 10s 6.00   5.00
  Yew Tree   Yew Logs   Level 60 80 12s 6.67   6.25
    Cursed Tree   Cursed Logs   Level 65
Discover   Ritual Site
80 13s 6.15   5.08
  Magic Tree   Magic Logs   Level 75 100 20s 5.00   20.00
  Redwood Tree   Redwood Logs   Level 90 180 15s 12.00   1.67
    Spruce Tree   Spruce Logs   Level 100
  Corundum Axe Purchased
140 18s 7.78   27.78
    Hornbeam Tree   Hornbeam Logs   Level 102
  Corundum Axe Purchased
195 22s 8.86   11.36
    Grove Tree   Grove Logs   Level 105
  Corundum Axe Purchased
266 25s 10.64   16.00
    Linden Tree   Linden Logs   Level 108
  Corundum Axe Purchased
111 15s 7.40   32.33
    Elderwood Tree   Elderwood Logs   Level 110
  Augite Axe Purchased
333 27s 12.33   20.56
    Red Oak Tree   Red Oak Logs   Level 112
  Augite Axe Purchased
233 35s 6.66   35.71
    Revenant Tree   Revenant Logs   Level 115
  Meteorite Axe Purchased
373 30s 12.43   65.00
    Mystic Tree   Mystic Logs   Level 118
  Meteorite Axe Purchased
288 25s 11.52   48.88
    Carrion Tree   Carrion Logs   Level 120
  Divine Axe Purchased
555 40s 13.88   83.33

Additional Items

In addition to logs, each Woodcutting action also has a chance to produce other items. Each of these items is rolled separately, so it is possible to get multiple different items from the same action.

The chances listed below are before any modifiers. Drop rates for certain items, such as   Bird Nests, can be dramatically increased by upgrades and other buffs. Items that can be doubled are affected by all global and Woodcutting-specific doubling bonuses.

Item Tree(s) Base Chance Can Be Doubled Prerequisites Notes
  Bird Nest Any 0.5% No None Chance and quantity increases are listed on the   Bird Nest page
  Raven Nest Any requiring   100+ 3% No     Corundum Axe or better
  Ash Any 0-6% No   See notes
  Mushrooms Any 5% No     Crown of Madremonte equipped Wearing the   Crown of Madremonte also doubles the number of logs received per action
Random normal Gem Any 5% No   Ent +   Mole Synergy equipped
  Arrow Shafts Any 30% No   Ent +   Beaver Synergy equipped Quantity equal to the base quantity of the relevant   Arrow Shafts recipe within   Fletching
  Stardust   Magic Tree 0-5% N/A     Level 99 +1% chance per rank in     Level 99; quantity equal to number of logs received


Skill Level Unlocks

Increasing the Woodcutting skill provides access to new trees and more potent axe upgrades.

  Level Unlocks
1 Cut   Normal Tree
10 Cut   Oak Tree
Purchase   Steel Axe
15 Trade for   Woodcutting Scroll of XP (requires   15)
20 Purchase   Black Axe
25 Cut   Willow Tree
30 Build   Stepping Stones in Obstacle 3 (requires   30)
Build   Rock Climb in Obstacle 5 (requires   30,   30,   30)
35 Cut   Teak Tree
Purchase   Mithril Axe
40 Cut   Unholy Tree
Trade for   Wood Box I (requires   40)
Build   Tree Hop in Obstacle 6 (requires   40,   40)
45 Cut   Maple Tree
50 Purchase   Adamant Axe
55 Cut   Mahogany Tree
60 Cut   Yew Tree
Purchase   Rune Axe
65 Cut   Cursed Tree
75 Cut   Magic Tree
Trade for   Flaming Axe Scroll (requires   75,   50)
80 Purchase   Dragon Axe
Build   Tree Hang in Obstacle 8 (requires   80)
90 Cut   Redwood Tree
99 Gain   Skill Mastery
Wear   Maximum Skillcape (requires level 99 in all skills)
Wear   Woodcutting Skillcape
Trade for   Wood Box II (requires   99)
Build   Boulder Move in Obstacle 10 (requires   99)
100 Cut   Spruce Tree
Purchase   Corundum Axe
Build   Water Maze in Obstacle 11 (requires   100,   100)
102 Cut   Hornbeam Tree
105 Cut   Grove Tree
108 Cut   Linden Tree
Purchase   Augite Axe
110 Cut   Elderwood Tree
112 Cut   Red Oak Tree
Purchase   Meteorite Axe
115 Cut   Revenant Tree
Purchase   Divine Axe
118 Cut   Mystic Tree
120 Cut   Carrion Tree
Wear   Superior Max Skillcape (requires level 120 in all skills)
Wear   Superior Woodcutting Skillcape
Trade for   Wood Box III (requires   120)
Build   Water Dive in Obstacle 15 (requires   120,   120)

Item Mastery Unlocks

Each tree in Woodcutting has its own   Mastery level that increases as you cut that tree.

Level Unlock
10 Every 10 levels provides +5% chance to receive 2x Logs per action.
99 Decreased cut interval by 0.2s for this Tree.

Mastery Pool Checkpoints

These skill-wide   Mastery bonuses are unlocked as you gain Mastery XP across different Woodcutting items. Mastery Pool XP can be spent to increase an item's Mastery level, which can cause checkpoint bonuses to be lost until the Mastery Pool XP is regained.

Pool % Pool XP Bonus
10% 1,000,000 xp +5% Woodcutting Mastery XP
25% 2,500,000 xp +5% chance to receive double Logs per action
50% 5,000,000 xp All Logs sell for +50% GP Value
95% 9,500,000 xp When you receive a Birds Nest, always receive a base minimum of 2.
Total Mastery Pool XP 10,000,000


The standard and superior skillcapes for this skill can be purchased from the store for   1,000,000 and   10,000,000 after the player reaches   Level 99 and   Level 120, respectively. Reaching   Level 120 requires the   Throne of the Herald Expansion.

Skillcape Name Requirements Effect
  Woodcutting Skillcape   Level 99 -15% Woodcutting Interval
    Superior Woodcutting Skillcape   Level 120 -20% Woodcutting Interval
+1 minimum Bird Nest's received from Woodcutting


This skill's pet can be unlocked by performing any Woodcutting action.

Pet Name Effect
  Beavis +5% Chance to Double Items in Woodcutting

Skill Boosts

Shop Upgrades

Woodcutting upgrades can be purchased from the shop. There are several axe upgrades, which provide an increase to Woodcutting speed, and a   Multi-Tree upgrade, which grants the ability to chop down two different trees at the same time. The bonuses provided by these upgrades are permanently active once purchased, and do not need to be equipped or otherwise enabled.

Upgrade Name   Level Description Cost
  Multi-Tree 1 Cut 2 different trees simultaneously   1,000,000


The Bird Nest Potion can be used to increase the chance of receiving a   Bird Nest with any Woodcutting action.

Bird Nest Potion
Potion Tier Charges Effect
  I 50 +5% Chance for Bird Nests to drop in Woodcutting
  II 50 +10% Chance for Bird Nests to drop in Woodcutting
  III 75 +15% Chance for Bird Nests to drop in Woodcutting
  IV 100 +30% Chance for Bird Nests to drop in Woodcutting


This table shows all the   Summoning Familiars and Synergies that provide a bonus to Woodcutting.

All Skill Bonuses

This table lists most sources of Woodcutting-specific modifier boosts. For a list of boosts that apply to all skills, see the Skill Boosts page. This list does not contain boosts provided from   Mastery rewards.