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Major Update v1.1 - (18th October 2022)


Welcome to the Stage 1 release of the long-awaited Expansion update!

This update includes all of the free content mentioned in previous announcements which include Township, Official Cross-Platform Mod Support, and more!

A Special Thanks

Before we get into the release notes, I’d like to put out a massive thank you to those who made this expansion release possible. This was not a one-person achievement, and it was only made possible by a group of amazing people:

  • Prat (Game designer)
  • Coolrox (Developer)
  • Buttchouda (Developer - Official Mod Support)
  • Andrew & Lily (Freelance Artists)
  • Jagex (Localisation, Lore, Marketing material, and support)
  • All Patrons (Testing the expansion since July)

Throne of the Herald

This update does not include any of the Throne of the Herald DLC content (Level 120 Combat & Non-Combat). This will be released on 20 October 2022!

v1.1 Release Notes


It is incredibly important that you disable and remove every single pre-expansion mod or script you have installed before loading the update.


New Skill - Township

A brand new Town Management Simulator built directly into Melvor.

The general goal of this new Skill is to create a Town that becomes a passive resource generating machine in the late game. An ideal Town is one you can ignore at later stages of the game, and using the Trading mechanic is can provide resources to you.

Key Features:

  • Build a Town that will become a passive resource generating machine that will assist with all aspects of the game.
  • Manage resources that your town needs to grow (These are unique to Township and do not require Bank space).
  • 50+ unique buildings to help your Town expand.
  • Keep track of your Citizens and their Health, Happiness, Education and age.
  • Select a Map to build on with unique Biomes to manage.
  • Choose a God to Worship (or none) and receive unique Township bonuses.
  • This is a passive Skill, meaning you can progress without interrupting other Skills.
  • Ability to Trade with your Town by either giving bank materials to it, or collect items from your Town.
  • Integrated Task system with some fantastic rewards for all players at any stage of the game.
  • Brand new Shop items that can be purchased after certain conditions have been met. These unique items will assist with the general game.
  • There’s no time waste with this Skill - You can ignore it and continue to earn Offline time to catch up at any time. Complete this skill at your own pace!

Important Mechanics:

  • Buildings that generate resources require Workers (your population). Each time you Tick, your population will move in to a Job and being that production.
  • Keep your Food production in the positives! As soon as you run out, the Town will begin to die at a high rate every Tick.
  • Pay attention to Biomes and how buildings are affected in them. Some Biomes require consistent resources to upkeep.
  • Don't be afraid to fail and kill your Town a few times. You can start again and give it another go.

It is important to note that this Skill is not designed to be hard focused to the max level. It is designed to be adjusted when needed, and to assist with passive resource and GP generation for the main game.

This is not a simple Skill to digest. There is a lot of information to take in with Township. Please take it slow, explore the options you have available, and don’t be afraid to restart your Town if something doesn’t go right!

Good Starting Place for Township

When you first enter the Skill, you will be greeted with a Map & Worship selection. You can have a browse here but feel free to leave the options as default and continue.

When you enter the Skill, have a browse of all the menu items and different options made available to you. There is a lot here, so take your time.

When you're ready, head over to the Tasks menu and begin with the Getting Started Guide.

Township in Adventure Mode

Since we announced that Township would be unlocked by default in Adventure Mode, plans have unfortunately changed leading up to release.

Township will no longer be unlocked by default in Adventure Mode.

The reason behind this change is that Township is too powerful of a Skill to have unlocked in the beginning. The amount of bonuses, items, and GP you can obtain from this Skill is substantial so it didn't make sense to leave it unlocked at the start of Adventure Mode.

We apologize if you were looking forward to jumping in straight away in Adventure Mode.

Official Cross-Platform Mod Support

Melvor Idle now has Official Mod support which is available on all platforms of the game! This is made possible by utilizing Mod.IO to host and manage Mods for the game.

If you wish to use this feature, be sure to enable it in the Settings page!

In-Game Mod Browser:

  • Explore available Mods within the game with a handy browser tool.
  • Search, filter and find Mods that spark your interest.
  • Subscribe and install mods which synchronize on all Platforms using your Cloud account.
  • View more information about how to create Mods from the handy guides found within the browser.

Modding API

We have worked hard to make modding for Melvor Idle easier by providing an API that you can use to take control of the entire game as you please.

Key features:

  • Add game objects, such as skills, items, recipes, combat and slayer areas, custom gamemodes, and much more.
  • Hooking into the game life cycle for more control over when your mod performs actions.
  • Define player-configurable settings for your mod.
  • Storing and retrieving free-form data to and from a character or player account.
  • Hooking into or patching game functions.

There’s no limit to what you can achieve with Mod Support. We very much look forward to seeing what the community can create!

Important: Unfortunately Mod.IO is not available in China. There’s currently no ETA on when it will be made available, but we will update you when the time comes.

Astrology Rework

We have adjusted the Skill by completely removing the RNG aspect of rerolling modifiers.

Here is a breakdown on the changes:

  • Stars inside constellations now have a predefined modifier. This is the same for everyone (some Stars have 2 modifiers in 1 star).
  • All modifiers start at 0%, and are leveled up using Stardust or Golden Stardust. This is a set cost and there is a maximum limit of upgrades on all Stars.
  • The modifiers you level up are permanent and are always applied to your character.

Stars inside constellations are still locked behind Mastery level.

These changes will allow you to "complete" Astrology. There’s no need to reroll anymore, or rely on RNG for a modifier you’re hoping to achieve.

You will receive a very generous Stardust refund when loading into the game. Don’t forget to go straight into the Skill and spend it to get bonuses back.

New Quality of Life Features

New Consumable Equipment Slot

When loading into the update, you will be greeted with a brand new Equipment Slot - the "Consumables" Slot. This new slot will now be home to all equippable consumable items that are not classed as Ranged Ammunition.

Now, you are no longer required to sacrifice Ranged Ammunition for a Consumable.

Combat Quick-Equip

We have designed a new system to enable an easier gear-swapping experience for everyone.

When clicking on an equipment Slot in Combat, you will be greeted with a new “Quick-Equip” menu. Here you will be able to set up to 3 different pieces of equipment for that specific slot, enabling you to quickly switch between these items without the requirement of opening your Bank.

These slots are unique to their respective Equipment Set. This means you can have different sets of items in each Equipment Set.

Agility Blueprints

A common suggestion we have received is the ability to make Agility Obstacle switching less tedious. With the introduction of the Throne of the Herald expansion (which brings even more Obstacles), we felt now was the right time to introduce something to assist with this.

An Agility Blueprint is a fancy name we have given to what is essentially an Agility Loadout or Agility Set. It provides the ability to Save and Load predefined Agility Obstacles as you please.

When setting up an Obstacle Course, you can save that course as a Blueprint. At any given time, you may load that Blueprint to quickly build the Obstacle Course again. You can even apply a custom name to these Blueprints.

This feature is super helpful for those who would like to switch from a Combat-based course to a Skilling-based course.

It is important to note that a Blueprint does not make the Obstacles free. You are still required to front up items and GP equal to whatever it would have cost to manually switch back.

Core Framework Changes (boring but important)

  • Game data structure has completely changed to allow for easier Expansion and Mod development. This will break all pre-expansion Mods. It is important to disable them before loading the update.
  • The game now handles all loading tasks before showing you the character selection screen. This includes Cloud authentication, language and data loading, mod loading and auto updating.
  • Melvor Cloud authentication has changed. It should be faster to authenticate with the Cloud on load now. Your game should automatically convert your session to the new version on load (can take up to a minute or so, this only occurs once).
  • The game now asks you to log in on load (with a fancy new login screen). This can be skipped if you wish to play without the Cloud.
  • Completion is now separated into Base Game and Expansion content (if you own the expansion). There is also a True completion progress.

Other New things

Firemaking Additions

  • Added a new item - Generous Fire Spirit. This is a random drop which can be opened to obtain 1 of 4 new Firemaking Amulets.
  • Added a new item - Ashes. Obtained by burning any Log and is used to create Urns (see general new items below).
  • You can now receive Stardust while burning Magic Logs.

New Items (not including above Firemaking items)

  • Ultima Godsword - A brand new Godsword that can be created by upgrading all four base Godswords.
  • Added Small & Medium Urns which can be created in Crafting using Ashes from Firemaking. These can then be enchanted in Alt. Magic for Prayer Points.
  • Added Skilling Outfits for many non-combat Skills. These provide bonuses to Skill XP and Mastery XP. Requirements include Township Skill Level and Task completions.
  • Added many new Hats to the Shop in the Township section. These provide various bonuses for the general game.

New Pets

  • Added a Skilling Pet for Township.
  • Added many cute Cats that can be purchased in the Shop (has Township requirements).

Base Game Balancing


  • Farming - Multiplied all Tree Skill XP by 5x.
  • Farming - Reduced harvest quantity multiplier for Allotments and Herbs from 3x -> 2x.
  • Farming - Increased harvest quantity multiplier for Trees from 7x -> 20x.
  • Runecrafting - Mastery now also reduces rune costs by 5% per 10 Mastery Levels to create gear/weapons in Runecrafting. +15% Cost Reduction at 99.
  • Summoning - Increased max Mark level to 6. You still only need level 4 in the base game for all the Synergies. This is just a change for the upcoming expansion where Level 6 Marks are required.
  • Summoning - Adjusted drop rates for Marks. It is now faster to get from Level 1 -> 4 Marks.




Agility Obstacles

Rebalanced Combat Stances to standardize their bonuses

Other Game Changes

  • Equipment Sets now save what Prayer and Spell was selected.
  • Lore now has its own Sidebar item. You can read the Story of Melvor here.
  • Tutorial Island will no longer take you through Skills only available in the Full Version if you are playing the Demo.
  • Compacted the Character selection screen.
  • Updated the UI messaging around the Demo, Full Game and Expansion content.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed major performance issues with popup notifications.
  • Fixed issue where purchase verification would not synchronize to your Cloud account.
  • Fixed issue where Cloud Saves would not delete when the option was selected.
  • Fixed rendering issues with Summoning Marks.
  • Fixed incorrect descriptions and translations in many areas.
  • Fixed issue where minimizing the non-combat Skill list makes it disappear entirely.
  • Fixed issues where Mastery bonuses in Summoning did not apply correctly.
  • Fixed rendering issue with Agility where the progress bar would continue without actually training the skill.
  • Fixed incorrect Summoning Mark being unlocked in rare situations.
  • Firemaking should now show the correct amount of XP and MXP awarded per action.
  • Fixed rare issue where offline Skill data was not clearing, causing the game to become unplayable.
  • Fixed issue where some Tutorial Island steps would get "softlocked". It was still possible to progress past this point but it required prior game knowledge to do so.
  • Firemaking Log Mastery should now update dynamically.
  • Fixed some milestones that were incorrect.
  • Fixed incorrect stat descriptions on some items.
  • Fixed rendering issues with the Minibar when loading into the game.
  • Fixed many rendering issues throughout the game relating to UI elements.
  • Fixed missing sale price for Crafting Potions.


We hope you enjoy Stage 1 of the Expansion release!

Be sure to join our Discord or Reddit if you have any questions. Our amazing community is always happy to help!

I'll see you again on the 20th October :D

- Malcs

Minor Update - v1.1 (?4673)

Hey everyone!

This is a Minor Update to the game which details recent hotfixes, minor changes as well as another Stardust Refund.

Township Updates

We’re working hard behind the scenes on some big Township changes. I hope to have more information for you soon. It’s very close to being ready for release.

Another Stardust Refund

When loading into this update, those who started their characters prior to Midnight 18 October 2022 (GMT) will receive another airdrop of Stardust.

  • We have decided to base this refund on your total Mastery Level. Here’s what you will receive:

Although there’s a high chance a lot of you have continued the Astrology grind since release resulting in higher Mastery levels, we wanted to make things right with the extra refund.

Minor Changes

  • Township - Citizens will now continue to move into Town, regardless of how much Food you have. Prior to this, citizens used to not move into Town if you had 0 Food.
  • Township - Buffed Bane Worship 100% modifier to -50% Food usage (up from -25%).
  • Buffed Hunters Journal to +0.01% chance to receive Thieving Area Unique Item (up from 0.0025%).
  • Buffed Astro Pet bonus to 1% (up from 0.1%).
  • Replaced the -5% Agility Interval from T12 Forest Jog with -5% Agility Build Costs.


Note: This list details hotfixes applied to the game prior to this update. These fixes were already active.

  • Updated and fixed many translations.
  • Prevented save files that contain Full Version or Throne of the Herald content from being loaded if the respective expansions are not installed. This should prevent accidental save data loss when loading these saves without the expansions installed. If you still wish to load these saves at risk of data loss, you may select the Force Load option in the save settings.
  • Fixed Cloud tokens expiring every 24 hours. They should now automatically refresh.
  • Fixed some Township buildings not showing negative Happiness values.
  • Fixed Change password form.
  • Fixed incorrect ordering of Township Buildings when assigning workers for resource generating calculations. This resulted in incorrect resource calculations.
  • Fixed Cape of Completion having the incorrect description.
  • Fixed the refresh cloud save button not functioning.
  • Fixed the Agility blueprint name input textbox having white on white text in light mode.
  • Fixed the Ancient Ring of Skills not granting bonus Township experience.
  • Fixed the display of Bank slot cost in Hardcore Mode increasing past the purchase cap.
  • Fixed items used up in the Consumable Slot not being shown in the offline modal.
  • Fixed pet Ace having a duplicate Combat Doubling Chance on top of the global chance.
  • Added the appropriate level 99 skill requirements to normal Skillcapes.
  • Added Discord Rich Presence message for Golbin raid and Modded Actions.
  • Fixed skipping the Township tutorial after completing some tasks temporarily doubling task completions.
  • Fixed pet Ace artwork showing up as a question mark in the shop.
  • Fixed pet Ty having the hint of Woodcutting instead of Mastery.
  • Fixed standard Spell runes being consumed twice on the hits after the first one for multi-hit special attacks. (e.g. Cloudburst Staff’s Magic Ray). This also fixes a game crash when running out of runes in this circumstance.
  • Fixed Curse spell runes being used every attack instead of just when the curse is applied.
  • Fixed Confetti Crossbow not giving GP when doing damage.
  • Fixed the Explorers Map only being consumed on Melee attacks.
  • Fixed Area Control Potions showing the incorrect description.
  • Fixed pet Harold having 0.2ms of monster respawn timer decrease instead of the intended 200ms.
  • Fixed pet Harold and Elite Pillar of Expertise having a duplicate Combat Doubling Chance on top of the global chance.
  • Locked Mining Rocks and Woodcutting Trees now highlight the shop and level requirements green if they have been met, but the other has not.
  • Added the appropriate level 120 skill requirements to Superior Skillcapes.
  • Fixed Palladium Pot providing +2% Cooking interval instead of -2%.
  • Fixed Devil + Eagle synergy consuming tablets on Thieving actions instead of Agility actions.
  • Fixed expansion monsters showing up in the Into the Mist dungeon.
  • Fixed Discord Rich presence showing level cap as 99.

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