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Update v1.0.1 - (22nd December 2021)


Welcome to the Melvor Idle Holiday 2021 Event!

Thank you to everyone who has offered us such incredible support over the last two years. It has been an amazing journey, and I’m so excited for all the fun that lies ahead!

With the full release out the way, I thought it would be a great idea to celebrate the Holiday Season with a small event for everyone. It may be tiny, but it has some cool rewards for you to collect!

Holiday Event 2021

Santa Chio has been involved in a rather unfortunate accident, and seems to have lost its Christmas Presents! Can you help recover them? You’ll be rewarded for your time and effort if you do…

Head to the Holiday Event 2021 page to find out what must be done!

Event Rewards

In total there are five Event Rewards for helping Santa Chio. All are cosmetic and provide no bonuses. There are also some other items available for you to collect, and you could potentially find a lot of them!

Note: Event Rewards are not required for 100% game completion, and do not appear in the Item Log unless you find one.

Mobile Premium Unlock

Purchasing the Full Version of Melvor Idle on Mobile will now unlock the Full version on other mobile versions, and the web version.

To enable this - log into your Cloud account on a Mobile Device with a valid active purchase. This will enable the Full Version on your Cloud account.

It is not possible to unlock the Steam version if you purchase on Mobile.

New Save Export and Import Setting

There is a new method to export your save and share with others!

From the your character settings on the welcome screen, you can now Create Save Link to export your save. This will generate a unique URL for your save.

This unique URL can be pasted into the Import Save box to import it into the game. You can also visit the link the see the raw save string if you wish. These save URLs do not expire.

General Patch Notes

Along with the Holiday Event, we have a bunch of changes, quality of life, and bug fixes that I’m sure you will appreciate!

Newly Added

  • You can now buy multi-buy Bank Spaces.
  • You can now buy multi-buy Slayer Resupply packs from the shop.
  • You can now set the Default Page on Load to your Active Skill. If no Skill is being trained, this will default to the Farming Page if you have crops ready to harvest. If no crops are ready to harvest, it will default to the Bank.
  • Everyone has been provided with an extra 2 Bank Tabs.
  • There is now a confirmation popup when attempting to reroll a 5% Astrology Modifier. This can be disabled in settings. This is enabled by default.
  • There is now a confirmation popup when attempting to destroy a Farming crop. This can be disabled in settings. This is enabled by default.
  • Farming crops will now display the chance to grow on the specific patch.
  • Searching "Food" in the bank will display all edible items.
  • XP, MXP, MPXP, Interval icons now show "Inclusive of modifiers" in their tooltip.
  • Item tooltips now also display how many are currently in your bank. This can be disabled in Settings.
  • [STEAM] Added Toggle Fullscreen button in Settings.

Adjustments to Items


  • Converted all Monster Images to PNG format. This should increase performance substantially when viewing the Monster Log. It should also increase performance where Monster images used to be displayed, like in Combat.
  • You can now disable Slayer Coin notifications.
  • You can now disable Item Preservation notifications.

Summary of Bug Fixes

  • Food now has a minimum healing amount of 1 HP.
  • Fixed Steam Zoom setting causing issues with Tooltips, Sliders, and other UI artifacts. This fix will result in your Zoom setting being reset on load.
  • It should no longer be possible to brick yourself on Tutorial Island if you created a Normal Shortbow before the tutorial asked you to do so.
  • All missing translations should now be rectified.
  • Fixed many incorrect translations.
  • PlayFab errors while loading the game should no longer cause the game to stop loading.


  • Issues revolving around Mining and progress randomly stopping has been fixed.
  • Fixed incorrect item doubling calculation for Astrology.
  • Fixed new Astrology bonuses not applying automatically when leveling up the Mastery of a constellation, either naturally or via the Mastery Pool.
  • Fixed aspect ratio for Slayer Task images being incorrect.
  • Fixed incorrect colouring of Monster and Pet log completion % at 100%.
  • Barbarian Fishing now provides Strength XP when catching a Special Item.
  • Fixed grammar issue for name of Mastery Token (Astrology).
  • Fixed Monkey + Salamander Crafting Synergy not working for new Crafting Rings.
  • Fixed Mastery Pool visual rounding errors.
  • Fixed incorrect grammar on locked Ancient Magicks clear count tooltip.
  • Fixed layout issue for Astrology Skill XP.
  • Fixed many minor layout and text colouring issues.
  • Fixed many issues with missing translations.
  • Reinstated missing Statistic - GP Stolen from NPCs.
  • Aorpheat's Signet Ring now applies its bonus to the 25% Mastery Checkpoint in Firemaking.
  • Summoning Familiars should now respect the Sleep/Stun status of Enemies so they no longer miss.
  • Superheat Coal requirements now display accurately.
  • Fixed visual issues with the equip section in the Bank.
  • Adjusted scaling on Slayer Task Enemy images.
  • [STEAM] Fixed issue where game was not closing correctly.
  • Fixed present drop rate calculations.
  • Fixed issues relating to new bank tabs.
  • Fixed issues relating to the cost of new Bank Slots.
  • Fixed Cooking freezing on offline load.
  • Fixed incorrect Setting check for quantity display in item notifications.
  • Updated the Astrology Modifiers UI by separating Standard and Unique Modifiers into their own sections for easier monitoring of rerolls.
  • View All Astrology Modifiers button now displays the total value of each modifier, instead of individually listing them.
  • Adjusted the update UI functions for Smithing, Crafting, Fletching, Runecrafting, Herblore and Summoning. It should now use less device resources per action than previously.
  • Translation and wording fixes.
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