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Alpha v0.13 - A Helping Hand (7th March 2020)

Welcome to the next Major Update for Melvor Idle! This one is a bit smaller than the usual Major Updates for this game. However, it includes the implementation of a major addition that will change a lot for most players. Here is what has been added.

Offline Progression

This has been in discussion for a while now, and finally it is here! Offline Progression simply allows your game to progress while the game is closed. You are no longer required to keep the game open to progress your skills!

How it works:

  1. When performing an action in game, you can simply close the browser and leave (while the action is still being performed).
  2. Upon returning, the game will calculate how long you were gone for and provide you with the XP, Items, Mastery XP and other various things that you would have received if you had the game open.
  3. A popup will greet you with the information above.
  4. As a nice QoL feature, the game will also continue the action (if it can) for you.


  • Offline Progression time is currently capped at 12 hours. This will be adjusted according to feedback.
  • All Combat skills do not work offline. These are currently online only skills.
  • For Cooking to work Offline, you are required to own at least the first Cooking Fire Upgrade (from the Shop).
  • For Thieving to work Offline, the NPC you are Thieving requires a minimum 95% success rate.
  • All gloves & skillcapes work Offline (only if you have them equipped in your active equipment set).
  • Most Herblore potions work offline (If you have Auto Re-use Potion active). The potions that do not work will say so in their description. Currently, the potions that do not work are all Combat Potions (of course), Fisherman's Potion, Controlled Heat Potion, and Perfect Swing Potion
  • In order to gain Mastery XP for what you are currently doing (EX: Mining coal), you must log in to receive it.
  • Yes, you can receive Mastery Tokens offline.

Note: Offline progression will also trigger if you leave the game open in a separate tab. Browsers tend to throttle inactive tabs, so I've added a check that will hopefully detect when this happens.

New Features

  • Offline Progression for all skills, except combat, has been introduced.
  • New Combat Herblore Potion - Divine Potion - Chance to not consume Prayer Points. This one was created by penguinswin3 (I had a lot of Prayer potion suggestions, this one stood out)
  • New Combat Herblore Potion - Lucky Herb Potion - Chance to turn a dropped Herb Seed into a grown Herb. This potion idea was submitted without a username.
  • New Patreon Item - Aorpheat's Signet Ring (Aorpheat) - All GP drops are doubled, +5% chance to obtain double loot from slain monsters or Thieving, +10% chance to gain double resources from any skill. Can only be obtained by combining / upgrading Signet Ring Half A & B. One half is found during normal Combat, the other half is found while skilling. Remember to wear a Gold Topaz Ring at all times to be able to get these halves.
  • Added a setting to enable Virtual Levels.
  • You can now see how many charges a potion has from the Bank tooltip.
  • Clicking on your Slayer Task will now jump directly to that enemy and start combat.
  • Clicking the header for each shop category (Except Materials) will now toggle its view setting.
  • Augury Prayer now also provides +10% Magic Damage
  • A "Fix my Save" button has been added to the settings. If you experience issues with your local save, then clicking this button may resolve it. All it does is "import" your existing save back into the game and refreshes the window. This tactic seems to work for most save issues. I cannot guarantee that it will fix your save.
  • There is now an error message when loading a broken Cloud Save that will allow you to load your Local Save instead (Or logout).
  • Runecrafting now displays locked Runes (just like the other crafting skills).
  • Potion Menu in the Header now displays the amount of potion charges.
  • You can now toggle the Auto Use Potion setting directly from the Potions menu.
  • There is now a setting to edit the formatting of numbers for >= 1000000.
  • Item Upgrading now supports multi-item requirements.

Changed Features

  • Cooking is now completely idle from the start.
  • Updated the Combat UI.
  • Herblore Tier IV potions are now unlocked at Mastery Level 65, down from 80.
  • Doubled (and a bit more for Emerald) the Crafting XP provided by all Rings and Necklaces. Diamond Jewellery XP rates increased by 200%. Gold Jewellery also provides slightly more XP than Silver Jewellery.
  • Crafting XP for Green/ Blue/ Red Dragonhide gear has been reduced by 20%. Black Dragonhide XP has been left untouched.
  • Skill & Mastery Progress Bars now show exact changes in XP and now allows you to see tiny increments in progress (the % no longer rounds down to the nearest whole number).
  • Herblore Potion now provides a second potion of a random tier, rather than replacing the potion you create.
  • Updated the look of the progress bar for Skills & Mastery progress when reaching Level 99.


  • Compost All will no longer deduct 2,000GP if it is not able to compost anything. However, if you click this button three or or times in one session for some unknown reason, it will start deducting the gold again.
  • Potentially fixed issue with crops insta-growing in some specific circumstances.
  • Hard Leather Gloves now has the correct level requirement.
  • Rune Essence quantity now updates correctly when mining Rune Essence in the Runecrafting screen.
  • Fixed milestone placements for Slayer and Herblore.
  • Fixed issue where Mastery Tokens would provide unlimited uses.
  • Fixed display issues on Dark Mode.
  • Removed duplicate Black Sword drop from Black Knight.
  • Fixed an issue where the game would not save upon creating a new account.
  • Fixed incorrectly named Golbins.

Removed Features

  • The map of Melvor has been shelved.
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