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Alpha v0.08.2 (31st October 2019)

Today I am introducing a heavily requested feature, as well as some fixes and changes based on feedback from players.

Melvor Cloud

Welcome to the Cloud!

From the Settings tab, you can access what I like to call the 'Melvor Cloud' - a starting point for exciting things to come.

It has been heavily requested that I add some form of Cloud Saving functionality to the game, and this is the start of that solution.

Upon load you will see a Login / Register page. When you register for an account, your currently loaded save will be synchronized alongside your account creation.

Upon logging in, you will be greeted with two options.

The first is a button that simply links to a text page containing nothing but the currently synchronized save file from the server. Copy / paste this into the import field to load it.

The second option is a synchronize button. Clicking this will overwrite the existing save in the cloud with your currently loaded save.

In its current state, this is a very basic system with a sole purpose to provide a Cloud Save system for your game. There is no auto-synchronize yet, or any other server based functionality. This will come later down the track, please be patient.

New Features

  • Melvor Cloud has been introduced.
  • Equip xAll for Food and Arrows added as an option.


  • Fixed an issue with GP value becoming a very large decimal number.
  • Woodcutting stats for seconds spent cutting is now displayed correctly.

PLEASE NOTE: I am still investigating a few bugs to do with crafting skills. Hotfixes will be applied when resolved.

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