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Alpha v0.08.1 (30th October 2019)

This update provides urgent fixes for many reported bugs.

Thank you to everyone who is actively helping me with this game. It doesn't go unnoticed, and I appreciate every single one of you for it!

Changed Features

  • [CHANGE] Gem Gloves are now priced at 85K GP, up from 50K GP.


  • [FIXED] Fixed issue with bank items showing incorrect quantities when Smithing, Fletching or Crafting
  • [FIXED] Rings and Necklaces are now priced
  • [FIXED] Fixed issue with tooltips getting stuck on screen during Smithing, Fletching and Crafting actions.
  • [FIXED] Arrows now disappear from equipment slot when reaching 0 ammo as intended, rather than sticking around at 0 quantity.
  • [FIXED] Fixed ranged level requirement for some items.
  • [FIXED] Fixed number formatting for XP and GP when items that provide bonuses are used.
  • [FIXED] Prices for dragonhide in the shop have been corrected (Hotfix)
  • [FIXED] Arrowtips now craft the correct amount (15) instead of 1 (Hotfix)
  • [FIXED] Error loading crafting and flecthing for new players has been rectified (Hotfix)
  • [FIXED] Equiping arrows now equips the correct amount instead of duplicating (Hotfix)