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{{Otheruses|training the Mining skill|the skill itself|Mining}}
{{Skill|Mining}} is used to obtain [[Mining#Ores|ores]] and [[Mining#Gems|gems]]. To start Mining no requirements are needed.

== Pickaxes ==
Upgrading your pickaxe should be the priority when training {{Skill|Mining}}. You can buy them at the [[Shop#Pickaxes|Shop]].
There are several items you can use to increase the Mining XP gain:
{| class="wikitable"
! style="width:190px" | Name
| {{ItemIcon|Ancient Ring of Skills}} || +8% XP in any non-combat skill.
| {{Icon|Ko|type=constellation}} || Up to +15% Mining XP and up to 15% chance to do zero damage to a Mining node.
| {{ItemIcon|Firemaking Skillcape}} || +5% XP in any skill.
| {{PetIcon|Firemaking}} || +1% XP in any skill.
| {{PetIcon|Mining}} || +5 Max HP to all Mining nodes.
| {{ItemIcon|Perfect Swing Potion IV}} || Up to 80% chance to deal no damage to a Mining node per charge.
| {{ItemIcon|Book of Scholars}} || +3% XP in any skill.
| {{ItemIcon|Miner's Helmet}} || +3% chance to do no damage to a Mining node,<br>+2% Mastery XP.
| {{ItemIcon|Mole}} || +3% chance to get an additional ore or rune essence when mining.<br>When using the {{ItemIcon|Bear|notext=true}} [[Mole#Synergies|Bear synergy]], all mining nodes gain +20 Max HP.
== Equipment ==
{| class="wikitable"
! Ring
! Boost
| {{ItemIcon|Aorpheats Signet Ring}} || more ores
| {{ItemIcon|Ancient Ring of Skills}} || more XP
| {{ItemIcon|Ancient Ring of Mastery}} || more Mastery
{{ItemIcon|Clue Chasers Insignia}} can be worn to increase the chances of [[Mastery Tokens|mastery tokens]] and [[Mining#Gems|gem]] drops.
Mining offers two gloves that can be purchased from the [[Shop#Gloves|Shop]]:
{| class="wikitable"
! Gloves
! Price
! Boost
| {{ItemIcon|Gem Gloves}} || {{GP|500000}}
| Guaranteed gem drops with every mining action, aside from {{ItemIcon|Rune Essence}}.<br>Gives a small profit if you sell gems.<br>A viable starting [[Money Making|money-making]] strategy for {{Icon|Adventure}}.
| {{ItemIcon|Mining Gloves}} || {{GP|75,000}}
| Increases the base mined quantity to 2 for ores and to 4 for {{ItemIcon|Rune Essence}}.<br>The gains can then be doubled by again by other means such as mastery.
== Preparation ==
Throughout the whole leveling process, it is recommended to have {{ItemIcon|Gem Gloves}} on you with charges. It will provide a stream of gems that you can sell for profit.<br>
Keep {{ItemIcon|Emerald|Emeralds}} for {{ItemIcon|Emerald Bolts}} and {{ItemIcon|Diamond|Diamonds}} for {{ItemIcon|Diamond Luck Potion IV|notext=true}} [[Diamond Luck Potion|Diamond Luck potions]].
If you don't have money to buy {{ItemIcon|Gem Gloves}}, either sell {{ItemIcon|Mithril Ore}}, smelt and sell {{ItemIcon|Gold Bar|Gold Bars}}, or get money through the {{Skill|Fishing|notext=true}} [[Money Making|Fishing money-making method]].
It is also recommended to use any [[Mastery#The Mastery Pool|Mastery Pool]] experience to increase the [[Mastery]] level of nodes that you're about to mine to level 30. The Mastery level of a node increases the [[Mining#Rock HP|Rock HP]], greatly reducing the waiting time for the note to respawn because the nodes will have increasingly larger respawn times the higher you level. Later, it is more beneficial to save the pool experience for the [[Mining#Mastery Pool Checkpoints|Mastery pool checkpoint]] bonuses.
== Training ==
Level 1-15: Mine either {{ItemIcon|Tin Ore}} or {{ItemIcon|Copper Ore}}. Ideally in equal amounts so you later smelt {{ItemIcon|Bronze Bar|Bronze Bars}} from them.
Level 15-30: {{ItemIcon|Iron Ore}}.
Level 30-50: {{ItemIcon|Coal Ore}}. Don't sell it because you will need a lot of it for {{Skill|Smithing}}.
Level 50-70: {{ItemIcon|Mithril Ore}}.
Level 70-80: {{ItemIcon|Adamantite Ore}}.
Level 80-99: {{ItemIcon|Runite Ore}}.
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