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{{Otheruses|training the Smithing skill|the skill itself|Smithing}}
There are several items you can use to increase the rate at which you train the {{Skill|Smithing}} skill:
{| class="wikitable"
! style="width:180px" | Name
| {{ItemIcon|Ancient Ring of Skills}} || The Ancient Ring of Skills is a rare drop that can be found while {{Skill|Fishing}}. It increases the XP gained from non-combat skills by 8%.
| {{PetIcon|Firemaking}} || The Firemaking pet provides a +1% boost to XP gained in any skill.
| {{ItemIcon|Firemaking Skillcape}} || The Firemaking Skillcape provides a +5% boost to XP gained in any skill when worn.
| {{UpgradeIcon|Art of Control}} || After beating the {{ZoneIcon|Fire God Dungeon}} players can purchase Art of Control, which decreases the time per action for Cooking, Firemaking and Smithing by 20%
| {{PetIcon|Smithing}} || Once acquired, the Smithing pet gives +10% chance to preserve resources when Smithing.
| {{ItemIcon|Smithing Skillcape}} || The Smithing Skillcape Halve [[Coal Ore]] Requirements when smelting bars using the smithing skill.
(Does not affect {{Icon|type=spell|Superheat I|Superheat}} [[Alternative Magic|Alt Magic]] spells).
| {{#invoke:Icons|Icon|Seeing Gold Potion|img=Seeing Gold Potion I|type=item}}
| This Smithing Potion can be made at {{SkillReq|Herblore|36}} and gives 10% to 75% chance for Silver Ore to also produce a Gold Bar when smithed
| {{ItemIcon|Smithing Gloves}}
| +60% Smithing XP when worn, until depleted.
==Acquiring Materials==
There are two types of {{Skill|Smithing}}. Either you smith bars, or you use the bars to smith gear.
You mainly get ores from {{Skill|Mining}}, but some [[monsters]] also drop ores or bars.
Most of the gear created with Smithing can also be obtained from [[monster]] drops, mainly knights located within {{ZoneIcon|Castle of Kings}}. Dragon armor however is harder to obtain, and you can't get the {{ItemIcon|Dragon Boots}} from anywhere other than Smithing.
==Efficient Training==
# Mine {{ItemIcon|Mithril Ore|qty=60000}}.
# Get {{SkillReq|Mining|99}}.
# Mine {{ItemIcon|Rune Essence}} or {{ItemIcon|Coal Ore}} with {{ItemIcon|Mining Skillcape}} to get {{ItemIcon|Coal Ore|qty=240000}}.
# Make sure to always have {{ItemIcon|Smithing Gloves}} on at all times, if you are rich you can buy 211 gloves already.
# Smith all your Mithril into {{ItemIcon|Mithril Bar}}s. [NOTE: If you have limited funds, do not wear Smithing Gloves for this step]
# Smith all the Bars into {{ItemIcon|Mithril Platebody|Mithril Platebodies}} while wearing Smithing Gloves.
# Sell the Platebodies for a total loss of {{GP|10.7}}m.
After following these steps, you should have enough XP to reach {{SkillReq|Smithing|99}}.
===Detailed Guide===
The most efficient training method depends on a lot of things.
What is your goal? Is it to get to 99 as fast as possible, or is it to prepare for the future? How are you going to get your materials? What {{Skill|Mining}} level are you?
It is far faster to get your materials from mining rather killing monsters.
This guide assumes that you are smelting your bars using the Smithing skill rather than using the {{Icon|type=spell|Superheat IV}} {{Skill|Alt. Magic}} spell, which means your primary resource bottleneck will be {{ItemIcon|Coal Ore}}
==== Mining Strategy ====
If you haven't started mining yet, this is the route I would advise you take:
Start mining and just mine the highest ore until you reach Mithril. If you are actively playing, switching from a depleted ore to the 2nd highest ore you can mine while your highest ore is depleted will speed up your Mining XP, although this requires substantially more focus.
Once you unlock Mithril, you'll want to make sure you mine at least {{ItemIcon|Mithril Ore|qty=60000}}. After you do, push the rest of the way to level {{SkillReq|Mining|99}}.
Once you reach level 99 Mining, buy the [[Mining Skillcape]]. While wearing the Mining Skillcape, an extra {{ItemIcon|Coal Ore}} will be received for each mining action in addition to the normal ore.
For each {{ItemIcon|Mithril Bar}}, you need {{ItemIcon|Mithril Ore|qty=1}} and {{ItemIcon|Coal Ore|qty=4}}.
So for {{ItemIcon|Mithril Bar|qty=60000}}s, you need {{ItemIcon|Mithril Ore|qty=60000}} and {{ItemIcon|Coal Ore|qty=240000}}.
Now theres two options:
# Mine {{ItemIcon|Coal Ore}}, you are now efficiently getting {{ItemIcon|Coal Ore|qty=2}} every time you mine a {{ItemIcon|Coal Ore}}. This is the fastest way to get {{ItemIcon|Coal Ore|qty=240000}}.
# Mine {{ItemIcon|Rune Essence}} with the {{ItemIcon|Mining Skillcape}} equipped. To reach {{SkillReq|Runecrafting|99}} you will need around {{ItemIcon|Rune Essence|qty=330000}}'''[1]''', therefore you may wish to mine this now in preparation for later {{Skill|Runecrafting}} training. When mining {{ItemIcon|Rune Essence}} with the {{ItemIcon|Mining Skillcape}} you will still get {{ItemIcon|Coal Ore}} for each Mining action.
'''Optional''' See [[Smithing/Training#Mining Rune Essence and Glove Use]] for a discussion on efficient glove use and essence mining methods.
You get baseline {{ItemIcon|Rune Essence|qty=2}} per action, but due to the [[Mastery]] unlocks you sometimes get double that. <br>
So {{ItemIcon|Coal Ore|qty=140000}} will also be obtained on the way to getting {{ItemIcon|Rune Essence|qty=160000}}. <br>
Afterwards, consder mining some {{ItemIcon|Gold Ore|Gold}} and {{ItemIcon|Silver Ore|Silver Ores}}, which can be turned into bars and used to upgrade various melee armour to their (s) and (g) variants:
* Full Mithril (g) is {{ItemIcon|Silver Bar|qty=700}} and {{ItemIcon|Gold Bar|qty=1000}}.
* Full Adamant (g) is {{ItemIcon|Silver Bar|qty=1000}} and {{ItemIcon|Gold Bar|qty=2000}}.
* Full Rune (g) is {{ItemIcon|Silver Bar|qty=1600}} and {{ItemIcon|Gold Bar|qty=3000}}.
* Full Dragon (g) is {{ItemIcon|Silver Bar|qty=3200}} and {{ItemIcon|Gold Bar|qty=6000}}.
* Full Ancient (g) is {{ItemIcon|Silver Bar|qty=6000}} and {{ItemIcon|Gold Bar|qty=10000}}
Using [[Seeing Gold Potion|Seeing Gold Potions]] will give {{ItemIcon|Silver Ore}} a chance to also produce a {{ItemIcon|Gold Bar}} when smelted. <br>
Or you can just mine {{ItemIcon|Coal Ore}} until you reach the goal.<br>
'''Now we get back to the smithing part.''' <br>
If you did the math, {{ItemIcon|Mithril Bar|qty=60000}} only gives 35 XP per bar, and when smithing Mithril gear you only get 50 XP per bar used? That only adds up to just above 5 million XP, and you need 13,034,431 XP to reach {{SkillReq|Smithing|99}}. <br>
With {{ItemIcon|Smithing Gloves}} the XP for each bar and gear is increased by 50%. <br>
This 50% increase brings us to 7.5 million XP, which is still quite short of the required 13 million. <br>
That's why we take a look at the [[Mastery]] unlocks.
[[Smithing]] has the most items of any skill, this also means the [[Mastery]] pool is very big compared to every other skill. <br>
This means that while it is harder to reach each mastery pool checkpoint, it is however easier to reach individual item checkpoints. <br>
One [[Mastery Token]] gives mastery pool XP equal to 0.1% of the [[Mastery#The Mastery Pool|Mastery pool]] capacity. {{Skill|Thieving}} has the smallest pool at only 4 million XP compared to {{Skill|Smithing}} at 57.5 million. This means {{ItemIcon|Mastery Token (Smithing)|qty=1}} gives more than 14 times as much [[Mastery]] XP than a single {{ItemIcon|Mastery Token (Thieving)}}. In addition, the  chance to get [[Mastery Tokens]] increases when more milestones are unlocked. This combined with Smithing having the most items to unlock, results in the skill having the highest and fastest growing chance of obtaining a [[Mastery Tokens|Mastery Token]] per action. <br>
So getting to 99 [[Mastery]] in {{ItemIcon|Mithril Bar|Mithril Bars}} will take you very little time.
'''Now what does this do?'''<br>
[[Mastery]] gives you a base chance to preserve resources, meaning when smelting a {{ItemIcon|Mithril Bar}} there is a chance that no {{ItemIcon|Mithril Ore}} or {{ItemIcon|Coal Ore}} will be consumed, essentially giving you a free bar. An additional benefit of Smithing mastery is that there is also a chance to double items gained, giving you 2 bars instead of 1. <br>
So without considering the 25% and 50% [[Mastery]] pool unlocks, when you smelt {{ItemIcon|Mithril Bar|Mithril Bars|qty=60000}} the chance to preserve resources and double items will instead result in the player obtaining approximately {{ItemIcon|Mithril Bar|Mithril Bars|qty=105300}}.
To achieve the fastest possible XP rate when using the bars the {{ItemIcon|Mithril Platebody}} should be crafted, as every item takes the same to craft, and gives the same XP per bar. Therefore, crafting an item that requires {{ItemIcon|Mithril Bar|Mithril Bars|qty=5}} is 5 times faster than if you were to make {{ItemIcon|Mithril Dagger|Mithril Daggers}} instead. In addition, since only a single item and bar type is being created the [[Mastery]] level of these items will quickly reach 99, allowing us to benefit from the perks of resource preservation and item doubling.
As when creating {{ItemIcon|Mithril Bar|Mithril Bars|qty=105300}} the chance to preserve resources and double items still applies with creating {{ItemIcon|Mithril Platebody|Mithril Platebodies}}, meaning the player can expect to receive an additional 6,318 platebodies for a total of {{ItemIcon|Mithril Platebody|Mithril Platebodies|qty=36960}} to sell.
While smelting bars and creating platbodies, {{ItemIcon|Smithing Gloves}} should be worn. Each glove costs {{GP|100000}} and gives 500 charges, so each charge costs {{GP|200}}. Around 105,378 Smithing actions will take place, meaning you spend a total of {{GP|21075600}} on gloves. This cost is partially offset by the sale value of the created {{ItemIcon|Mithril Platebody|Mithril Platebodies}}, at around {{GP|10348884}} this means you get about half of the money back. <br>
If you followed this guide, you are now the proud owner of 99 {{Skill|Mining}}, 99 {{Skill|Runecrafting}} banked, and 99 {{Skill|Smithing}}, at a cost of around {{GP|10.7}} million.
If you find any errors, or if you know of another maybe more efficient way feel free to hit me up on Discord: Martinmagi#7989
== Mining Rune Essence and Glove Use ==
This section and table was developed by soup#8068. <br>
* The player is wearing the mining cape and has no double drops, no gem drops outside gem gloves.
* 1.3 sec/action.
* Avg. profit of 131 gp/charge of gem gloves.
{| class="wikitable"
! Mining Resource !! No gloves !! Mining Gloves (MG) !! MG Essence, Coal  !! MG Essence, Gem Gloves Coal
| Essence (Mining Actions) || 165,000 || 82,500 ||  82,500 ||  82,500
| Coal (Mining Actions) || 37,500 || 52,500 ||  78,750 ||  78,750
| Action Total || 202,500 || 135,000 || 161,250|| 161,250
| Action Delta || 0 || 67,500 || 41,250 || 41,250
| Time Total (hrs) || 73.125 || 47.750 || 56.88 || 56.88
| Time Delta (hrs) || 0|| 24.375 || 14.890 || 14.890
| Cost Total || 0 || 20,250,000 || 12,375,000 || 2,058,750
| Approx Cost (Gp/hr) || 0 || 415,000 || 212,000 || 35,000
The player should use mining gloves to mine essence, and then gem gloves for coal. A total investment of ~ 2 MGp saves ~15 hrs of time.<br>
Furthermore, if the player has an excess of money, or access to money making methods to make in excess of 415k/hr (99 [[Fishing]], 99 [[Woodcutting]]), then using mining gloves for all mining actions is a more efficient use of time.
[[Category:Skill Training]]-->

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