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This page is out of date (v1.0).
This article is about training the Runecrafting skill. For the skill itself, see Runecrafting.


This page goes through the general method and tips of training the Runecrafting (skill).svg Runecrafting skill.


There is no requirement to start Runecrafting (skill).svg Runecrafting.


To reach level 99 will take approximately 200k Rune Essence (item).svg Rune Essence, which can be easily obtained mining with mining gloves. It is also a good idea to do this with the Mining Skillcape (item).svg Mining Skillcape as it will also provide Coal Ore (item).svg Coal Ore.

There are few main methods for reaching max level:

Method 1: Highest rune you can make, switching each time you unlock a new rune. This will provide a wide variety of different rune types for later use.

Method 2: Make even mix of earth/fire runes and turn into Lava Rune (item).svg Lava Rune until 99. This is one of the faster ways to get to max level, though it creates a large number of runes that can only be used for specific Magic (skill).svg Alternative Magic skills.

Method 3: Create a small number of lower level catalyst runes (Mind Rune (item).svg Mind Rune/Chaos Rune (item).svg Chaos Rune/Death Rune (item).svg Death Rune), and a large volume of elemental runes, Blood Rune (item).svg Blood Rune, and Ancient Rune (item).svg Ancient Rune. Once it is possible to create Mist Rune (item).svg Mist Rune and Smoke Rune (item).svg Smoke Rune combination runes, it should be possible to make those until max level. This allows the player to have a large volume of runes for combat later on, though it takes longer to get to max level of runecrafting. In the long run it should save time as the runes being produced are more useful.

While using any of these methods some useful pieces of equipment would be Runecrafting Pouch (item).png Runecrafting Pouch to save essence, Elemental Potion I (item).svg Elemental Potion to create more elemental runes while crafting, and Crow (item).svg Crow tablets, with Bear (item).svg Bear or Octopus (item).svg Octopus depending on what you are crafting.


The following things can be used to increase the amount of Runecrafting XP received: