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{{Otheruses|training the Summoning skill|the skill itself|Summoning}}
== Introduction ==
This page goes through the general method and tips of training the {{Skill|Summoning}} skill.
== Equipment ==
There is no requirement to start {{Skill|Summoning}}.
== Training ==
Marks are the first thing you need to get into summoning, your options at level 1 are attack, strength, defence or woodcutting.
Being a tier 1 summon, the "average" time for a mark is 20 mins, excluding any "downtime such as waiting for ore respawn in mining, time spent stunned in thieving and time waiting for monsters to respawn in combat.
This increases to 45 mins for tier 2 summons and 80 mins for tier 3 summons.
Mark Chance is based on fastest possible interval for artisan skills, so having all upgrades will increase your chances - the interval for these skills are based on the following:
Firemaking - 60% of the log's base burn interval
Cooking - 85% of base interval
Smithing - 1.7s
Crafting - 1.65s
Runecrafting - 1.7s
Herblore - 1.7s
Your first mark will get you straight to level 1.
A further 5 marks will make it level 2.
10 more marks will get you to 3.
Finally 15 more marks will get you to max level of 4, a total of 31 marks in total for level 4.
Marks can be found offline, its the same rate as online.
Unfortunately multi hit spells/weapons/specs such as twin exiles does NOT increase your mark chance, multi hits are rolled once not per hit.
Combat marks are rolled per hit and not per kill.
You CAN gain magic marks from alt magic.
You CANNOT gain strength marks from barbarian fishing.
Mark chance per action: Action's Interval(seconds) / ((Mark Tier + 1)² * 300)
Once you have your first mark you can start creating tablets in the familiars page of summoning (YOU MUST CREATE AT LEAST 1 TABLET BEFORE YOU CAN LEVEL UP YOUR MARK ANY FURTHER)
Each tablet will have multiple recipes to create, so make sure you check them all for a receipe that suits you.
Each recipe contains shards, which can be purchased from the in game shop.
Using tablets on the skill you got the mark from gains exp, and much more exp than creating tablets so its a good way to level.
Base xp per tablet use: (Action's Interval(seconds) * summonLevel) / ((summonLevel + 10) / 10)
Where summonLevel is the level that is required to craft that tablet.
In a synergy, just apply that once for each tablet used. In most cases, 2x for one and 1x for the other.
Similar to mastery XP, some skills use a fixed value for the time per action regardless of the player's bonuses;
*Firemaking - 60% of the log's base burn interval
*Cooking - 85% of the food's base cook interval
*Smithing - 1.7s
*Crafting - 1.65s
*Runecrafting - 1.7s
*Herblore - 1.7s
Having multiple familiars (tier 1) of at least level 2 or higher will start to unlock Synergies.
Synergies give increased bonuses than just the one familiar by itself, as well as more exp per action.
For best exp you want to try and unlock these synergies as soon as you can by levelling up marks.
Higher tier (2 and 3) summons need higher level levels for their synergies to unlock than tier 1, but again award more exp.
== Boosters ==
The following things can be used to increase the amount of Summoning XP received: <br>
{{ModifierTable|increasedGlobalSkillXP,increasedSkillXP|XP Boost|false|skill=Summoning}}
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