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I've been playing this game since 2020-01-30, and fell in love with it. I may be addicted to incremental games, and theorycrafting in general.

I am a student of Robotics and Intelligent Systems at the University of Oslo, in combination with getting a degree in Philosophy.

I am mainly responsible for the 12BHCCO Guide, written mainly by me and Username. Note that while we still haven't updated it for 1.0, we have plans to do this soon! :D

I've also set up guides for most of the dungeons, with the help of the sheets by Aurora Aquin, although they have probably been updated several times by other editors. Thanks for maintaining them! :)

If you have any questions, feel free to hit me up on Discord. My tag is mazunki [they/them]#3247. Or ping me in #hardcore-mode-chat, where I'm responsible for a major portion of the messages. Let's just say me and another user combine a total of 17% of its messages. Malcs was big brain when he put us in our corner.

Also, here are some sheets:

12BHCCO Scoreboard I like potatoes.
Equipment Outdated. Should update (and generate instead of hardcode haha yes)

I also have some tables for Items and Monsters which are suitable for querying stuff from sheets. Thanks Falter for creating the one for items :)