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Hi, I am one of the admins of the Melvor Idle wiki.

If you wish to contribute to the wiki but do not currently have an account, please join the Melvor Idle Discord server and DM Auron956#1347 (or any other active wiki admins in my absence) to get an account set up. For any other wiki related questions, please send a message to either the #wiki-discussion channel in the Discord server or send myself a DM.


Below is a list of categories and other pages I try to keep an eye on.

The following categories should ideally contain zero pages at all times:

Category Number of Pages
Category:Pages with script errors 0
Special:WantedFiles ?


In no particular order, below is a list of things that are to be changed at some point:



  • General - Fix indentation across all modules (2 spaces -> 1 tab) (WIP)
  • General - Review for performance improvements & memory savings




Disclaimer: Something outlining the information is only a guideline, or should be taken with caution.