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This page is out of date (v1.1).
This article is about training the Township skill. For the skill itself, see Township.

Starting your Town

To start, you must choose a map and, optionally, a deity to worship.

  • Map 1 is encouraged to start because its biomes have well-balanced land caps (number of buildings allowed). This will give you a taste of each biome's restrictions and production bonuses.
  • Map 11 is a great alternative because its Forest and Valley Biomes have the highest respective land caps. These two biomes together provide all available Township buildings except for a Miner's Pit. This allows for easier building management and they do not have usage restrictions (eg. coal in the Snowlands).
  • Map 6 is a candidate for players who choose the Ragnar deity. This is because the map has a higher land cap for the Desert and Arid Plains biomes, which Ragnar has bonuses in.

Building your Town

  1. Go to the "Tasks" tab, then "Township starter guide". Our goal will be to complete all of these tasks to get bonus resources and xp.
  2. Our first few tasks require us to build some basic shelters, farmlands, a woodcutter camp, and a mining pit.
  3. Go to the "build" tab, and then notice you are in the grasslands. Tap the "forest" button to go there.
  4. If you try to build you will get an error- you need to buy land first! Tap the dropdown button next to the "buy more land" button to buy a higher quantity, then tap that button to buy it. Buying land costs your gp.
  5. Now build two farmland and one woodcutter camp. Don't buy too many right now or you'll have to restart.
  6. Go to the mountains biome, buy some land, and build a mining pit.
  7. Next go to the grasslands, buy some land, and build basic shelters. You should be able to afford 6.
  8. Now go back to the "Tasks" tab and then to starter guide. Claim your rewards for your first two tasks! Now we need to build six more shelters and a farmland.
  9. After building a farmland and five shelters we are out of wood. Time to use some ticks! First, tap the meat icon at the top to select it as green. Your new workers will now prioritize this building. Then tap the "1 (5m)" button in the middle of the screen.
  10. Our population has grown from 2 to 3, and we produced some food! We are interested in wood now, so tap the wood icon and use another two ticks.
  11. Now we have enough wood to build the 12th shelter and complete two more tasks. Now that you have the hang of it, try finishing the rest of the tasks.

Temporary Starter Guide

  1. Go with Map 11 Terran if you don't know what to choose.
  2. Follow the Township Starter Guide under the Tasks tab.
  3. Township Experience = Population * ( 1 + Happiness Percent ) / 3. You're goal is likely levels to start so make sure you focus on population growth and happiness.
  4. As early as possible, build at least 1 Woodcutter Camp and 1 Miners Pit or you will not have enough resources to continue and will need to restart.
  5. If you starve your town, you'll need to restart.
  6. Restart in the "Township Settings" tab.
  7. When restarting you save ticks you haven't spent. You do not get back ticks that you have spent. However, you will always have a minimum of 144 ticks when starting even if you had 0 before restarting.
  8. There's NO tick cap. You can store as many ticks as you'd like.
  9. To Upgrade or Delete a building, go to the "Town" tab. Select the biome, then tap the red trashcan to delete a building or the green arrow to upgrade it. Some upgrades have town population or township level requirements.
  10. Biomes have different modifiers to resource production and are effected by your Worship bonuses.
  11. Snow and Desert Biomes have upkeep requirements. You will not need these Biomes to start, so focus on other Biomes until you're more confortable.
  12. Food is a balancing act: running out is catastrophic, but usually you rather be producing building materials than a ton of extra food. If you have too much of one resource and your storage is full, use the "Yeet" tab to delete resources.
  13. Build 1 Trading Post once you've unlocked it. You can exchange your regular in game resources into Township ones, or vice versa. A trader arrives every 8 hours and will stay for an hour. Meaning there are 7 hours between traders or 84 ticks.
  14. There is no benefit to having more Trading Posts. The trader will not come more frequently.
  15. In order for a resource to be available for trade in The Trader, you have to have found it. Items received from Township tasks are not considered "found".
  16. If you need to "find" a cooked item, you can use the Squid+Pig synergy while fishing to unlock the item if your cooking level is too low.
  17. The Prats Hats, Malcs Cats, and Cool Rocks buildings can be destroyed after buying the upgrade from the Shop. You do not need the buildings to receive the cat/rock bonuses, but have to wear the hats.
  18. Libraries are not a flat +0.25% boost. It only boosts your current education by an additional 0.25%. If you had 0 education before building a library, you'll still have 0 education.


Below is an automatically generated list of boosts that will speed up leveling. However, none of the boosts are necessary to reach 99, and can be easily skipped.

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