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This page is up to date (v0.15.4).

Thieving is used to pickpocket GP and items. Each Thieving attempt takes three seconds. Successfully pickpocketing a target will always award the player with GP up to the Max Coins of the target. Successful attempts will also give an item 75% of the time from the target's loot table. In addition there is a 1 in 120 chance to receive a Bobby's Pocket per successful pickpocket, which can be sold for Coins.svg 4000. There is also a 1 in 10000 chance to receive a Chapeau Noir, which gives a 10% chance to double the quantity of items gained from Thieving or Combat. Gentle Hands Potions can be used to provide a 5-25% chance to double the quantity of items gained on a successful pickpocket. Raising Thieving to level 99 will unlock the Thieving Skillcape for purchase from the Shop. Equipping the Thieving Skillcape raises the Thieving success rate to 100%.

Failed pickpocket attempts will stun the player for 3 seconds and deal damage to them up to the target's Max Hit; damage dealt this way can be reduced by any damage reduction provided by Equipment. Damage taken while Thieving is potentially lethal, although this damage can be offset by consuming food manually, or automatically with the Auto Eat upgrade.

Success Rate

The base success rate of pickpocketing is 57.5%. This chance is increased by 0.7% for every level in Thieving the player has above the target's level requirement, and is further increased by mastery. This chance is capped at a maximum of 95%. When wearing Thieving Gloves with charges left the pickpocketing success rate is increased by 10%, and may exceed 95%. Success rates over 100% do not allow for multiple pickpockets per action. Equipping the Thieving Skillcape guarantees a 100% success rate.

Mastery Unlocks

Every mastery level for a Thieving target increases the chance to pickpocket by 0.25%.

Thieving Targets


Assuming a 95% success chance and that every piece of loot - but not mastery tokens - is sold, it is possible to calculate the average profit over a long time for each target.

Name GP/theft GP/hour GP/hour with CP
Man (thieving).svg Man 36.80 44,160.00 48,576.00
Golbin (thieving).svg Golbin 51.05 61,260.00 67,386.00
Lumberjack (thieving).svg Lumberjack 85.11 102,136.13 112,349.74
Farmer (thieving).svg Farmer 156.21 187,455.11 206,200.63
Fisherman (thieving).svg Fisherman 122.19 146,625.18 161,287.7
Chef (thieving).svg Chef 123.85 148,615.81 163,477.39
Miner (thieving).svg Miner 124.42 149,309.75 164,240.73
Knight (thieving).svg Knight 137.60 165,121.13 181,633.24

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