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Monster ID: {{{monsterID}}}
Combat Level: {{{combatLevel}}}
Hitpoints: {{{hitpoints}}}
Attack Speed: {{{attackspeed}}} s
Attack Type: {{{attackType}}}
Max Hit: {{{maxHit}}}
Accuracy Rating: {{{accuracyRating}}}
Evasion Ratings
Defence (skill).svg {{{meleeEvasionRating}}} Ranged (skill).svg {{{rangedEvasionRating}}} Magic (skill).svg {{{magicEvasionRating}}}
Skill Levels:
Attack (skill).svg {{{attackLevel}}} Strength (skill).svg {{{strengthLevel}}} Defence (skill).svg {{{defenceLevel}}}
Ranged (skill).svg {{{rangedLevel}}} Magic (skill).svg {{{magicLevel}}}
Zones: {{{zones}}}