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The MessageBox template generates a generic message box to be displayed at or near the top of pages. This template can be wrapped to form more specific templates, such as Template:HasMMG and Template:HasGuide.


To use this template, copy the below code replacing the parameter values as appropriate.

|class = (Optional) Table classes
|style = (Optional) Inline table styles
|img = (Optional) Image
| Header text
| (Optional) Additional text

First Parameter

Required. Specifies the header text displayed within the message box. Should ideally be succinct and to the point.

Second Parameter

Additional text to be displayed under the header text, serves as supplementary information where more detail can be given.


Image displayed within the message box. It is advised that the centre and link= parameters are specified.

Defaults to [[File:Event_Clue_1_(item).svg|35x35px|center|link=]] if not specified.


Table classes to give the message box additional, custom styling as defined by the class.


Inline CSS styles to further customize the appearance of the message box.


|Example MessageBox Usage
|This is an example of how the MessageBox template may be used
{{MessageBox|MessageBox with header text only}}
|This is a Golbin
|Click [[Golbin (monster)|here]] to find out more. Note it is ''Golbin'', not Goblin